TOP 50 Best Artificial Intelligence Projects GitHub In April, 2024

Top 50 Best Artificial Intelligence Projects on Github

Artificial Intelligence Projects GitHub


Need to know which are the Awesome Top and Best artificial intelligence Projects available on Github? Check out below some of  the Top 50 Best artificial intelligence Github project for final year students repositories with most stars as on January 2018.


What is GitHub?

GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It gives you and others a chance to cooperate on projects from anyplace.

GitHub shows basics like repositoriesbranchescommits, and Pull Requests.

GitHub is home to over 20 million coders working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Please see below a curated rundown of 50 Awesome artificial intelligence GitHub Best resources (Courses, Tools, App, Open Source Project, books, video lectures and papers )


Below are the Top and Best 50 artificial intelligence projects for beginners with source code:


aimacode/aima-python  python execution of algorithms from russell and norvig’s “computerized reasoning – a cutting edge approach”

ryanb/ruby-warrior  A game written in ruby language for learning ruby & AI.

owainlewis/awesome-artificial-intelligence a curated rundown of AI courses, books, video lectures, papers etc

opencog/opencog a system for incorporated AI and artificial general intelligence AGI.

datasciencebr/serenata-de-amor  artificial intelligence for social control of open organization

swift-ai/swift-ai  A machine learning library on swift.

kailashahirwar/cheatsheets-ai  A cheat sheets for deep learning and machine learning analysts.

facebookresearch/fairseq-py facebook ai investigate sequence-to-sequence toolbox written in python.

alibaba/gym-starcraft starcraft condition for openai gym, in light of facebook’s torchcraft.(in advance)

aimacode/aima-java java usage of algorithms from russell and norvig’s

microsoft/malmo project malmo is a stage for artificial intelligence experimentation and research based over minecraft.

mycroftai/mycroft-core mycroft core, the mycroft artificial intelligence stage.

microsoft/airsim open source test system in view of unreal engine for self-sufficient vehicles from microsoft ai & research

pipelineai/pipeline : end-to-end ml and ai stage for real-time spark and tensorflow data pipelines

fossasia/susi_server software and abilities for individual assistants using susi ai / artificial intelligence for chat bots.

serpentai/serpentai  framework for game agent. helping you create ais / bots to play any diversion you claim.

chrisalbon/mlai  complete notes on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

shahariarrabby/ , by andrew ng, includes all slide and video link

ivanseidel/iamdinosaur  an artificial inteligence to show google’s dinosaur to jump cactus

pushkar/abagail the library contains various interconnected java bundles that execute machine learning and AI.

rasbt/deep-learning-book Handy Practical Guide for “introduction to artificial neural networks and deep learning.

olistic/warriorjs  A game written in javascript for learning javascript and AI.

jeffheaton/aifh artificial intelligence variant for humans

chuyangliu/snake ai variant of the snake game.

zulko/easyai python artificial intelligence variant framework for games

emilmont/artificial-intelligence-and-machine-learning algorithm usage and homework answers for the stanford’s online courses

alexa-pi/alexapi alexa customer for every one of your gadgets.

simpleai-team/simpleai simple artificial intelligence utilities

chrisalbon/mlai notes on machine learning and AI.

alfredfrancis/ai-chatbot-framework a python chatbot system with NLP and AI.

libgdx/gdx-ai artificial intelligence framework for games based on libgdx.

primaryobjects/ai-programmer using AI and genetic algorithms to consequently compose programs.

tarrysingh/artificial-intelligence-deep-learning-machine-learning-tutorials a comprehensive list of deep learning / artificial intelligence and machine learning instructional exercises.

aichallenger/ai_challenger  A stage for open datasets and programming rivalries to AI talents.

idmillington/aicore the artificial intelligence code going with the book “artificial intelligence for games”

sergiofierens/ai4r  A ruby area for ai researchers

andelf/pyaiml pyaiml is an translator for aiml – artificial intelligence markup language

jiqizhixin/artificial-intelligence-terminology the english-chinese combined wordings in artificial intelligence space

aimacode/aima-javascript javascript visualization and execution of algorithms from russell and norvig’s

udacity/artificial-intelligence AI from Udacity .

artificial-engineering/lycheejs  cutting edge ai-assisted isomorphic app engine for embedded, console, mobile, server etc

halitechallenge/halite  A first artificial intelligence programming challenge

innoarchitech/datascience-ai-machinelearning-resources  A complete set of resources for artificial intelligence (ai), machine learning, data science, big data, from alex castrouni.

alexsosn/ios_ml  A complete list of machine learning, ai, nlp solutions for ios.

botlibre/botlibre an open stage for AI, chat bots, virtual agents, social media automation, live chat etc.

mark-watson/java-ai-book-code code cases for java artificial intelligence book

rubenszimbres/repo-2016 r, python and mathematica source codes in machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence.

tooangel/screeps artificial intelligence for screeps

lipiji/aistartups startups about artificial intelligence.

abhshkdz/ai-deadlines  ai conference/meetings due date commencements

alphatica/genotick artificial intelligence data analysis

yanshengjia/artificial-intelligence seu cse projects

zulko/easyai python artificial intelligence structure for games

kashyap32/ai-resources  Set of selected resources to learn artificial intelligence / machine learning / deep learning

memo/ai-resources  Set of selected resources to learn artificial intelligence / machine learning / statistical inference / deep learning etc

dickreuter/poker fully functional pokerbot that deals on partypoker and pokerstars.

aimacode/aima-data data records to go with the the algorithms from norvig and russell’s

moondroid/chatbot android chat experiment with an a.l.i.c.e. artificial intelligence.

nfraenkel/cis521 intro to artificial intelligence



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