8 Common iPhone 7 problems and how to Fix them In July, 2022

8 Common iPhone 7 problems and how to Fix it

To begin with, the principal Apple item I obtained was iPad in 2006(which is still running) and after that, in 2010 I acquired iPhone 4(which is also still running with the exception of sound issue) and of late I bought iPhone 7 expecting Apple hardware continues going long and for manufacturer quality. But in this case, I was demonstrated totally off-base..


8 Common iPhone 7 problems and how to Fix it



 1.) Could not Activate iPhone 7

For a new iPhone 7 users, this is a common issue if you see below error message you can do work around.

Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server cannot be reached. Try connecting your iPhone to iTunes to activate it, or try again in a couple of minutes. If problem persists, contact Apple support at apple.com/support

What I did: I attempted to change SIM card from old iPhone into new iPhone to deal with whether it is iPhone issue or Carrier one. This didn’t work for me.
Likewise, I attempted to connect to iTunes to actuate however flopped wretchedly.

The only way for me was to go to a carrier to get this issue settled. Try not to freeze in the event that you get a similar issue.


2.) Battery Life Problem

You might notice at first after utilizing for a couple of hours battery will die soon and so I used to keep it charging and was utilizing the iPhone.

What I did: For initial one and half day I was stressed and kept less utilization of iPhone. All of a sudden following close to a week I don’t remember by changing settings(Low control mode, Airplane mode, GPS Off, Brightness less) and less use consequently battery life began ordinarily.

However in the event that following 3-4 days still battery depletes issue is seen you can attempt to reset settings/restart phone or lastly take to the apple store to determine no other decision.


3.) iPhone 7 iCloud Restore issue

I attempted many times to restore the iCloud backup it was always showing few minutes remaining and could not restore it.

What I did: Backup locally on PC and afterward re-establish it on iPhone 7 Or you can likewise reinforcement in iTunes which will exchange to account.


4.) Performance issue

Earlier I used to play intensive games(Modern Combat 5)  attempted same in iPhone 7 but the experience was bad it was giving jerk very slowly.

What I did: After near a week, I uninstalled and again installed the same application it works splendidly like not surprisingly. Looks to me initial few days seems to me don’t panic it needs a couple of days to settle for hardware software and firmware for iPhone 7?


5.) WiFi Problem

I have DLink 4755 Modem Model, in my earlier iPhone it used to detect my WiFi connection automatically but recently sometimes in my new iPhone 7, I see it is not detecting my network.

What I did: Keep rebooting modem and see if it detects network else see the internet color option in modem(in my case Dlink) before it is about to change to solid GREEN just make your browser ready with good website(which has lot of pop-ups/notifications) and refresh it, in one or two instances your network will be automatically detected by iPhone.


6.) Strange Hissing Sound and Reboot

I had prior opened 8-10 applications in the background and was playing a serious Game application which was utilizing more memory and begin playing for around 15-20 minutes meanwhile I started listening some sound at the back and chances are high inside 5 minutes it will reboot.

What I did: The only arrangement I could do was Pressing Power catch + Volume down @ same time, then we will see Apple logo and begins impeccably.

My Recommendations: Never open some genuine applications at the background and play intensive game applications, you may get reboot and sound issue.


7.) 3D touch screen unresponsive

By default 3D touch screen setting in iPhone 7 is not responding.

What I did: We need to change other than the default setting to see sensitivity. For this, we need to go to General & Accessibility settings and check 3D touch and tap to change from light to firm. Once this is done we are good to have 3D touch screen sensitivity.


8.) Bluetooth Problem

Very first time I tried to connect Bluetooth with ConnectNext it was not associating, so I called customer care they said we cannot associate with iPhone it is a known issue and it throws an error as Connection Unsuccessful.

What I did: Don’t waste your time connecting Bluetooth with ConnectNext.



Final Word: Would it be a good idea for you to purchase iPhone 7?

I would recommend you hold for one year from now, that the next year 2017 will be Apple’s 10th birthday and I personally feel Apple will present some awesome product with great features alongside with a new design look.

I feel rather than purchasing iPhone 7, I could have booked round outing to Thailand or any other small Asian countries and with remaining amount get some great Chinese phones which might last for 1-2 years 🙂


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  1. My cousin bought iPhone from canada I have lot of issues man.
    1.) Calendar cannot be set
    2.) battery drain
    3.) Ringtone doesn’t work
    4.) Fitness app shows wrong result
    5.) Bluetooth wifi synch
    6.)phone hangs and need to reboot etc

    I am too much worried what to do with this phone?

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