10 Best AI Test Automation Tools for the Future



Currently, even the general test Automation cases is likewise changing with the coming of AI in the space. In the event that you need to prevail in any test Automation , the best popular tool with the right innovation is necessary and basic.


Below is the list of 10 Best AI Test Automation Tools for the Future which are leveraging machine learning and AI-assisted technology.



Applitools – Intelligent Functional and Visual Testing Through Visual AI




Releases perfect apps much faster at a reduced cost using incredibly accurate Visual AI


Key Features:

  • Find visual bugs across browsers, screen sizes, mobile devices, and operating systems
  • Use AI to eliminate false positives that frustrate your team
  • One call to our API eliminates multiple checkpoints in your test scripts
  • Supports over 40 testing tools: SeleniumAppium, and many more




SauceLabs – world’s largest cloud-based test platform




Live, automated and continuous testing for web & mobile apps on the world’s largest cloud-based test platform.



  • Sauce Labs is the only cloud-based testing platform to offer the most up-to-date browser/OS combinations, mobile emulators & simulators, plus real device support.
  • Scalable, always-on infrastructure ensures that teams of all sizes can check-in multiple pull requests throughout the day without queuing or bottlenecks, ensuring rapid feedback.
  • Go beyond UI testing by using your existing test scripts to gain a full view of functionality, front-end performance, and visual regressions, all on one unified platform.
  • With debugging tools like videos, screenshots and log files, comprehensive analytics, live testing environments, and Sauce Headless, Sauce Labs maximizes developer productivity.
  • Single-use VMs that are destroyed and real devices that are throrougly cleaned after each test, plus our secure tunneling protocol, Sauce Connect, ensure the highest degree of security.
  • Securely test websites, web apps and mobile applications across thousands of desktop & mobile browser and OS combinations in the cloud.
  • Test mobile apps on a public or private Real Device Cloud with thousands of the latest devices to mimic real-world conditions and expedite testing for mobile applications without compromising quality.
  • Only Sauce Labs maintains the latest in Android emulators and iOS simulators, providing a scalable, highly reliable & efficient way to automate tests for native apps and mobile web.





ReportPortal – AI-powered Test Automation Dashboard





  • Acquire, aggregate and analyze test reports to ascertain release health.
  • Manage all your automation results and reports in one place
  • Achieve full automation visibility in real-time by centralizing and aggregating all logs, reports and media data for indisputable 
  • Make automation results analysis actionable & collaborative
  • Collaborate with your team members to associate each failed test with a known product bug, automation issue, system issue or other custom defect 
  • Establish fast traceability with defect management
  • Submit and track defects with full evidence (logs, screenshots, comments, etc.) directly from a failed test case into a bug tracking 
  • Accelerate routine results analysis
  • Use the collected history of executions and fail patterns to achieve hands-free analysis of your latest 
  • Visualize metrics and analytics
  • Build custom dashboards and metrics to learn from the past and predict 
  • Make smarter decisions together
  • Use ReportPortal’s collaborative test automation environment with your team to improve your delivery quality
  • Reduce evaluation of reports with auto-analysis based on collected historical data
  • Based on collected patterns in previous executions, ReportPortal can evaluate new fails in conformity with others that are ongoing.




Testim – Super-fast authoring. Amazingly stable tests



Your way — coded, codeless, or both!



  • Testing is finally made faster, scalable, more resilient and aligned with the way you work.
  • AI-based stabilizers eliminate flaky tests that consume resources.
  • Code, record and manage tests your way with your tools for greater flexibility.
  • Fast authoring increases coverage and quality across your application.






Sealights – Uses Machine Learning to Accelerate Releases






  • Smarter testing means delivering high-quality software faster. Period.
  • Cut your Testing and CI Cycles by 90% with Smart Test Execution that identifies and executes only the subset of tests absolutely necessary for each given build.
  • Uses Machine Learning to Accelerate Releases, and Increase Software Quality Without Missing Anything.
  • Shows which areas of the code are not adequately covered across all test stages and within each test stage, for any type of automated or manual test.
  • Identifies and prevents untested code changes at any stage of the software development process so they don’t reach production.




Test.AI – World’s first AI-powered test automation platform





  • This tool improve the quality of software apps by making app development easier through the power of AI and automation.
  • They have built the world’s first AI-powered test automation platform to help mobile app distributors deliver quality user experiences to their customers.
  • The platform scales and tests thousands of apps in parallel without the need to code or maintain tests.
  • They automate testing for the most impactful user experiences so that you can publish your apps faster.




Mabl – Newest Tool In the Saas Provider for ML





  • Mabl is one of the newer tools in the market that really focuses on the hot trend of using AI and machine learning to help testers with their testing efforts.
  • Mabl is the SaaS provider for machine learning based test automation that automatically maintains tests and identifies regressions.
  • The only DevTestOps automated software testing platform that self-heals tests and identifies regressions. Run functional UI tests faster and at scale.
  • Mabl has automated functional testing for developers
  • The service just needs to be shown the workflow, it adapts and runs by itself after that
  • Mabl runs on the Google Cloud Platform




ReTest – Only deep visual regression tool





  • The only deep visual regression tool that makes GUI software test automation painless and intelligent.
  • Manual regression testing Helps you to “spot the difference” and comes with powerful filters.
  • Unbreakable Selenium tests, easy to create, efficient to maintain.
  • AI-based test automation Focus on changes, and they do the rest.



Functionize – AI-Powered Regression Tests for Agile Teams





  • The Functionize platform is powered by our Adaptive Event Analysis™ technology which incorporates self-learning algorithms and machine learning in a cloud-based solution.
  • As the world becomes more agile traditional test automation creates bottlenecks that can slow your release cycles to a crawl.
  • Functionize combines natural language processing, deep-learning ML models and other AI-based technologies to empower your team to build tests faster that don’t break and run at scale in the cloud.
  • Dramatically reduce time to market – slash the time taken for test creation, maintenance, and analysis. No more maintaining test infrastructure.
  • Seamless CI/CD integration.
  • Effortlessly enable agile DevOps and Shift Right testing
  • Drive revenue by the intelligent application of artificial intelligence
  • Empower your CI/CD with intelligent test integrations.




Qualitest – World’s largest software testing and quality assurance company





  • The world’s largest software testing and quality assurance company, has acquired AI and machine learning company AlgoTrace 
  • AlgoTrace’s machine learning tools help brands answer business critical questions as they launch new software:  what, where, when, and how to test and in what order to ensure consistently high quality.
  • With multiple clients already using Qualitest’s suite of AI-testing tools, this expansion of capabilities creates opportunities not only for new Qualitest clients, but also allows for the growth of existing relationships with current customers around the world.   
  • AlgoTrace’s AI platform powering Qualitest’s market-leading test predictor tool, which applies pioneering autonomous AI capabilities and predictive modeling to unstructured data without the need for code or complex interfaces.
  • Applying AI to quality engineering is a perfect fit.  Just as software becomes increasingly complex, the companies producing it are under competitive pressure to increase the speed and frequency of their rollouts.
  • AI is the only way companies can scale software testing and quality engineering and the AlgoTrace team have shown that they understand this. In our view, companies that do not use AI to improve quality will be at a significant disadvantage.”   
  • Qualitest’s AI-testing solutions have two main features focused on increasing confidence and assurance. 



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