“Amazon Go” – World’s most Advanced Shopping Tech. In May, 2022

Reviews, Challenges & Future Hold in Amazon Go Technology – Future of Retail Stores

World’s most Advanced Shopping Tech. – “Amazon Go” 






On December 5th, 2016 Amazon announced the ‘Amazon Go’ Store a new shopping experience that fundamentally changes the very texture of shopping and payments at the same time.

Amazon has consolidated many years of research with artificial intelligence and machine learning alongside with image recognition. They have consolidated all of the knowledge that they’ve picked up from the single-click buying experience and conveyed this to the retail store.

It is a store with no credit card machines or cash registers, just AI.


Reviews, Challenges & Future Hold in Amazon Go Technology – Future of Retail Stores

Picture: Entrance area for the Amazon Go retail store.



Reviews, Challenges & Future Hold in Amazon Go Technology – Future of Retail Stores

Picture: Of a cell phone scan to enter the Amazon Go retail store.



Reviews, Challenges & Future Hold in Amazon Go Technology – Future of Retail Stores

Picture: Of the automatic shopping cart in the Amazon app for the Amazon Go retail store.



Reviews, Challenges & Future Hold in Amazon Go Technology – Future of Retail Stores

Picture: Of a customer leaving the Amazon Go retail store


“Amazon GO” is designed around technology which is similar to one of restaurant Eatsa began a year ago in San Francisco which has no lines because it has no cashiers. We need to order on an iPad, our name comes up on a transparent LCD screen box, and we pull out a bowl of quinoa.

Amazon hasn’t released the subtle elements of the innovation around Amazon Go. Thus, everything we can do is make great suppositions about how computer vision and deep learning systems are playing around here.


Probable Technologies used in ‘Amazon Go’:

  • Single-click-like web shopping in retail
  • Powerful App based location services
  • QR Code IDs
  • Computer vision (maybe using Trigger switches/Motion monitoring)
  • Integrated Payment
  • Image Recognition
  • Internet Of Things/Multiple Sensor Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine/Deep Learning etc


9 Big Challenges Facing


1.)  Amazon account:

How can a family (Single-Parent and 2 Kids) utilize this Technology?

Do we need a Single amazon account and powerfully add members to shop? On the other hand not permitted by any stretch of the imagination?

Taking a look at commercial advertisement announced we need an amazon member account like a Boarding-pass to enter? How will you dis-allow/handle non-individuals(family members/cousins etc) for visiting in stores? If implemented it will be marvelous!


2.)  Tracking:

During Holiday shopping festival season or Black Friday deal, how precisely can cameras and advanced scanning systems track stocks when it’s being bumbled around in a crowded store?


3.)  Security and Efficiency:

The biggest challenges of these self-checkout paths come as expanded event of a robbery, hacking, breakage, and so forth.


4.)  Scaling:

Scaling and willingness to operate at zero or negative margins speak to high hindrances to entry for potential competitors.

How will they handle bulk items, weights & measures without RFIDs? Might be an off-day with this idea?

Seems to me they are not adding RFIDs to items if yes, how well it scales and Amazon is all about scaling. If implemented it will be marvelous!


5.)  Competition:


Greatest contender for Amazon Go is Monoprix – a noteworthy French retail chain home office in Paris. The organization stores join nourishment retailing with equipment, garments, family things and blessings. It was a joint backup of the Casino Group and Group Galeries Lafayette, with both accomplices holding half of the organization each from 2000, until June 2012 when Casino obtained Galeries Lafayette’s stake.

Even the competition(Walmart, Costco, Alibaba etc) may make the market multidimensional and a little change in innovation may have the capacity to shake the Amazon apple cart. As long as the competition itself remains fair and is guided by the free market rules shoppers needn’t worry about – Amazon should surely be worried about every day.

Even Coffee Day/Star Bucks KFC/McDonald’s competitors may get impacted if this model works successful.


6.)  Job cut:

Worse case one can conclude that on the ten-year curve up to 40-50% of the jobs could be affected and in what manner can employments be made with these new skills/technologies need to keep an eye out.


“What it leads to is more job destruction, and less job creation, especially for average typical people that don’t necessarily have PhDs from MIT.” – Ford

“It’s true that technology always creates and destroys jobs, and historically, of course, it’s created more jobs,” – Ford

“But I do think we’re getting to the point — with the advent of real artificial intelligence, machine learning, and so forth — [where] these technologies are beginning to think. They’re taking on cognitive capability. That’s different. It’s going to have a much more dramatic impact,”  – Ford.


7.)  Billing:

How Billing is finished? My figure. It may resemble distinguishing the position of your phone when you filter it, and after that when you look at, you go through a specific zone where some RFIDs connected with those items alongside co-ordinates of your phone will be utilized to figure your aggregate bill?

When we return items back to various racks/shelves? items picked and supplanted it, will it predict accurately? Will we get billed properly? Unless the system scans the bar code we might get billed for the wrong item.


8.)  Duping/Shop Lifting:

Checking items on the rack would be to some degree troublesome for a camera due to clutter and impediments. Clever one. I take an empty juice bottle with me. I take a new squeeze from the rack and supplant it with a vacant same size container. By what means will Amazon Go react? Would it likewise perceive duping/shoplifting?


9.)  Tracking:

Tracking You and your behavior(privacy) using Facial Recognition of every single shopper during sale event, in crowded stores for long length may get to be expensive. What in the event that I expel my coat/mask amidst the store. Will it befuddle Amazon Go about my character? In the event that I make a bizarre expression before the rack camera?  Change hairstyle and so on 🙂


Future Hold?


Amazon Go’s model is charming. On the off chance that fruitful, it would turn into a proof of idea for an innovation that would without a doubt be authorized as well as received by different retailers. Go’s model isn’t one for a super-center or a Goliath market. It’s a test, with a little retail space in a quiet corner of Seattle. In spite of a few claims in the media that the same number of 2,000 Amazon Go stores are underway, the organization demands that the free checkout trial will be anything other than an enormous block-and-concrete roll-out.

So while these advances are unquestionably changing the universe of retail, the possibility that a store would be totally controlled by IoT technologies and staffed by robots is still somewhat unrealistic. Past the boutique cases of stylish Quinoa eateries, which still have human specialists present to help clients with utilizing the innovation, the vision of retail locations sprinkling the scene without a human workforce stays one of sci-fi.

Amid the Christmas shopping period Or crowded stores at Amazon. There is most likely Amazon will integrate Alexa into the shopping background at Amazon Go stores.

Taking a gander at future, Rise of Robots, driver-less cars & trucks, Automation and so forth it is as of now debilitating heaps of employments. we ought to truly look at how to do a basic guaranteed pay right.

The vast majority of us tend to take a look at the littler picture. New innovation permits us to do new things and changes the way something is done right now. At the point when computers came into the market, comparative inquiries were raised. Be that as it may, it prompts to more individuals getting specialized skills and in the end, they got to be distinctly equipped for contributing in the more gainful way. There is part of innovative work required in AI and it needs a great measure of analysts.

The Amazon Go framework simply like most Computer Vision tasks will turn out to be better with time and Pilot activities.

It could be introduced in Air Terminals, authorized to brands and stores where shoplifting is a major inconvenience, avoiding fear mongering, and so forth, Garments, hardware, home items, and so on allowing 24x7x365.

This model looks to me is much more purchaser neighborly, so I truly do trust it works!


Note: Amazon Go: (I am definitely not endorsing this.) this is my viewpoint.



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