3 Best Career Choices for AI Professionals in March, 2023

3 Best Career Choices for AI Professionals

Digital transformations have made a majority of organizations in the business realm to be technologically forward and self-sufficient, but the shortage of people who can use this technology the right way is becoming a barrier in the success and growth of these businesses.

On that account, in recent times, there is an exorbitant rise in the demand for professionals who are well-versed in techniques like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine learning.

In this article, I am going to talk about the lofty requirement for AI professionals which is not being entirely met and the disparate careers that this field encompasses.

The is a plethora of AI jobs in the markets, but wistfully, there are not enough seekers. As per Indeed, a reputed job site, the demand for skills in the artificial intelligence domain have doubled in the last three years, moreover, the volume of job postings has gone up by almost 119 percent.

But, there is a less number of people taking an interest in the AI profession. This indicates that employers are having a hard time filling these vacant positions and it is genuinely a great time for professionals to be moving towards the AI world and reap infinite benefits.


The Educational Background of AI professionals

Working as an AI specialist is definitely no cake walk. The sphere of technology is perplexing and only the dexterous ones are able to survive in it. The first thing that one has to decide before going into the field of AI which is intriguing and puzzling at the same time is whether they are really cut out for it or not.

If yes, then it is advisable to go for at least a bachelor’s degree in subjects like computer science and math. However, this will only give you a good start to your AI journey by landing you an entry-level job. To climb the ladder of success, one will have to achieve higher levels of education by attaining a master’s and doctoral degree in a science-related topic.

If by any chance, you are already an Artificial Intelligence engineer, you can make a niche for yourself in this industry by enhancing your skills and widening your knowledge by earning relevant certification courses. Now let us take a closer look at the careers in AI and how can a person excel in those careers.


3 Best Career Choices for AI Professionals


1. Machine Learning Engineer

The most in-demand breed of AI professionals, Machine Learning Engineers are the top requirement of employers who are integrating AI technologies into their business functions.

The reason why they are so sought-after is that these engineers are responsible for constructing as well as handling platforms with respect to machine learning projects.

On that account, they are one of the most generously remunerated professionals with a salary of $114,856 per annum.

One basic prerequisite for becoming a machine learning engineer is the knowledge of contemporary programming languages, such as Python, Scala, and Java.

2. Data Scientist

Data scientists are the celebrities of the tech world as data is available in abundance and organizations to need scientists to clean, organize and evaluate it by applying machine learning techniques and predictive analysis.

Also, they are responsible for developing algorithms which are helpful and gathering and polishing the data for further analysis. In the dominion of AI, a data scientist receives as much as $120,931 per annum.


3. Business Intelligence Developer

This is a trending job role in the business world since it has begun to rely on Artificial intelligence to elevate efficiencies and revenues. Business Intelligence Developers are expected to analyze large and complex data sets and identify new business opportunities and market trends.




As per Glassdoor research team, these are the main employers who enlisted top AI talent over the previous year for eg: Microsoft NVIDIA Amazon IBM Accenture Facebook Intel Samsung Lenovo Adobe etc

Presently it’s a great opportunity to get the chance to work in this trending field! In the event that you need to progress and prepare for an interview to get a career in AI field this is the best and right time!

Let me know what do you think about these careers?





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