The Death of Corporate Recruiting by Artificial Intelligence In October, 2020

The Death of Corporate Recruiting by Artificial Intelligence – Your next job interview could be with a recruiter bot!!

The Death of Corporate Recruiting by Artificial Intelligence – Your next job interview could be with a recruiter bot!!


San Francisco-based Mya Systems has built up an AI recruiter that can assess resumes, schedule, and direct candidate screenings, and even salute you on your first day of work.

Another way to say “my assistant,” Mya talks with candidates by means of computer or cell phone to ask many of the typical questions expected in early job meet-ups:






What’s your availability to begin work?

How does $25 every hour sound?

How long of experience do you have?



“Even when candidates don’t get a job, they’re excited to hear back at all because they’re so used to the black hole of resumes,” Mya Systems’ originator Eyal Grayevesky told CNNTech.


In screenshots of mimicked prospective employee meet-ups that Mya Systems gave to CNNTech, “Bot” showed up beside Mya’s name. Something else, there was no undeniable sign that there wasn’t a human informing back. The experience is like an instant message discussion.

Candidates talk with Mya, and in the event that she esteems them a solid match, she’ll plan an in-person meet with the (human) employing chief. She will likewise naturally send bearings by means of Google Maps and even offer tips on what to wear.

In the event that the candidate isn’t a fit for the gig, Mya recommends different occupations to which they may be more qualified, in light of catchphrases and postal district.

Mya is cloud-based and incorporates specifically into an organization’s candidate following programming. Her reactions are realistic to the point that, as indicated by Mya Systems, notwithstanding when candidates are advised they’re conversing with a bot, 72% of interviewees still thought they were talking with a human.


“Each business has an alternate take. Some need it to be more strict, others need it to be restless and fun,” Grayevsky said. “We can alter that.”


Grayevsky said enrollment specialists shouldn’t stress in regards to Mya seeking their occupations. By disposing of a significant part of the bustling work, the bot helps HR be all the more, well, human.


“The human component is so basic,” said Grayevsky, whose father put in 40 years in enlisting, and who filled in as a specialized spotter himself. “Scouts are overpowered with so much work since they’re doing standard assignments.”


Mya propelled in July 2016 and is as of now being used at Fortune 500 companies in the retail, managing an account and counseling divisions. Organizations pay in view of contemplations like a number of parts they’re procuring for and a number of candidates handled.

Grayevsky said three of the five biggest U.S. selecting firms as of now use the administration – and he as of late multiplied his workforce to 16 representatives to help deal with the 1,000 potential clients on the holding up rundown. The organization hopes to have prepared two million occupation candidates before the year’s over.

While Mya is the primary AI framework available to meeting work competitors, there are different bots centered around the work environment. EstherBot is an individual resume chatbot, while TARA gathers groups of specialists for activities.

At last, Grayevsky has his eye on a bigger objective. He needs to wipe out what financial experts call “frictional unemployment” – the wastefulness in the economy brought on when individuals are in the middle of occupations.


“We can move the needle on this, and that is the thing that gets us truly energized.”


Mya automates the procedure from resume to contract so you can develop and connect with the best competitors.

Artificial intelligence can be used for selecting workers. It can oversee enrolling work process, particularly dull, high-volume errands like the auto-screening resume of applicants or leading assessment examination on sets of responsibilities to recognize conceivably one-sided language and so forth. They can invest energy with applicants face to face to help decide culture fit.

They can close the circle with employing chiefs as AI enables them to utilize information to demonstrate selecting KPIs including nature of the contract.


Tools/Apparatuses Include:


1. Intelligent screening software

2. Enrollment specialist chatbots

3. Digitized interviews


Mya is presently being produced by Firstjob Inc. The CEO and Co-organizer Eyal Grayevsky initially thought about the Idea while encountering troubles with the customary procuring forms.

He functioned as a specialized selection representative at CTS International Inc. A Washington-based headhunting office.

With 85% candidates don’t hear back in the wake of applying for a vocation and 71% of businesses expressing that they are not ready to locate a reasonable competitor with the required abilities, Grayevsky could see the interest for a specialized stage that advantages both occupation searchers and bosses.

The greatest key elements of Mya is to draw in and associate with candidates utilizing satisfactory inquiries in light of the prerequisites for a particular occupation. Give customized input and next-stride recommendations by sending messages intended to address particular selection representative agony focuses, obtaining basic answers from candidates.


Completely automated.


The Death of Corporate Recruiting by Artificial Intelligence – Your next job interview could be with a recruiter bot!!


Mya’s capacity to cooperate and improve itself is awing by having the capacity to answer any scrutinize a competitor has identified with the business, including points about organization strategies, culture, benefits, and even the enlisting procedure.

When she can’t answer an applicant address, she inquiries the selection representative returns to the hopeful, and figures out how to react whenever. This fueled by common language handling innovation.

Eventually, the stage takes the information that Mya gets through her discussions and transforms it into quantifiable insight around the engagement level of every hopeful and how nearly they fit the objective profile.

Considers proposing the Mya stage enhances selection representative productivity by 38% and expands applicant engagement by more than 150%.

Mya empowers enrollment specialists to concentrate their time on talking and shutting offers.

Since Mya has such complex learning abilities, Eyal Grayevsky was inquired as to whether she (Mya) later on will have the capacity to dismiss a competitor all alone.


“Right now our objective was to make a completely mechanized enrollment aide. A selection representative must remain included. Our long haul vision is to form Mya into a completely mechanized spotter,” Grayevsky finished up.

So—not until further notice. In any case, that is presumably generally advantageous, in light of the fact that the best-fit hopefuls come when an employing supervisor, HR, and the quick work group all coordinate to locate a decent match.”


There is Olivia from Corporate Career Sites and Recruiting Software – founder which is entirely fascinating.

Swim and Wendy seem to be focused on Slack clients and has a fascinating method for utilizing information from Slack visits to survey hopefuls. There is little data to know without a doubt.

I truly like Unitive: Let the best individual win because it’s delightfully outlined. It helps you compose better sets of responsibilities and furthermore structure interviews for your selection representatives effortlessly.

What’s more, obviously there is Textio: Hire smarter. which helps you draw in better hopefuls by concentrating on advancing sets of expectations.

There’s Impress AI – Autonomous Scalable Chat-based Interviews platform which comprises of four noteworthy special parts a talk bot that sits on a vocation application page and takes screening interviews, a wizard that accepts points of interest of your position opening and screening criteria and makes a bot for you, a semi-robotized scoring framework that empowers your group to rapidly and professionally channel the hopefuls that fit your association best, and an announcing framework that gives all of you the data you require readily available when you’re doing the in-person meet.


The greatest recruiting bottlenecks include:

1. A recruiter investing around 60% of their energy sourcing applicants

2. A resume investing 38% of its energy stuck in the connected and screening stages

3. 67% of resumes gotten for a high-volume part being totally disregarded


As an AI selecting instrument, Ideal handles these recruiting challenges by:

automating hopeful sourcing from outer databases, for example, Indeed and from your own ATS continue database to rediscover earlier applicants

automating resume screening by taking in the capabilities of fruitful workers and applying that information to review and rank new hopefuls

automating starting effort and meeting planning of intrigued applicants through auto-writings and auto-messages.


What does Artificial Intelligence mean for Recruiting?

AI has tremendous potential with regards to recruiting, not to cut occupations, but rather to quicken employing, evacuate manual undertakings and make spotters much more beneficial.

How much better would you be able to utilize your pieces to hit KPIs and procuring targets? How might your way to deal with competitor associations change on the off chance that you could give more “pieces” to engaging with individuals?

Sparing time is just the tip of the chunk of ice, however, there is bounty that innovation can do to make you more successful.

From sending follow up messages naturally, to reaching hopefuls when important parts open up, to advising your group when applicants are effectively work chasing, robotization can draw inability for you without you regularly lifting a finger.

The chance to treat competitors right…

When we apply for a job, however, as a general rule, our CV winds up in some sort of dark opening and we never hear back.

Selecting groups don’t have the assets of advertisers, however. They haven’t had the tools to give each applicant a special ordeal and do it at scale.

Computerization, AI, they’re quite recently the initial step. Organizations require programming that assists them to build associations with hopefuls as opposed to gathering resumes.

As we frequently say, however, programming is just an empowering influence. The longing to treat competitors right and a faith in the advancement of selecting needs to start things out.



Final Quote:

“Software is eating the world, but AI is going to eat software.” – Jensen Huang (Nvidia CEO)






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