Is your Job safe from Artificial Intelligence Robots Automation? July, 2022


During World Economic Forum this year many prominent personalities emphasizing the growth and potential in the technology sector — especially artificial intelligence  — Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman of Alibaba said that AI was going to be a big threat to humans.

Speaking during the WEF in Davos, Ma said, “AI, big data are a threat to human beings. AI and robots are going to kill a lot of jobs, because in the future, these will be done by machines.”

“I think AI should support human beings. Technology should always do something that enables people, not disable people. The first technology revolution caused the World War I and the second technology revolution caused the World War II and now we have the third revolution. If there is a World War III, I think that should be against disease, pollution and poverty, not against ourselves,” he said.

Recently Infosys co-founder and celebrated corporate thought leader NR Narayana Murthy had also said that AI was “worrisome” for freshers in the IT sector.

On April 21, reports suggested that Wipro, India’s 3rd largest information technology (IT) company, has laid off 600-1000 employees.

Artificial Intelligence, in the wake of having had numerous false begins, is advancing on its actual voyage since last couple of years. It’s still in the early stage however late news from

Cognizant will lay off 6,000 representatives. As indicated by reports, the number could go similar to 10,000. The organization winds up battling for development in the data innovation (IT) area.


Is your Job safe from Automation Or Artificial Intelligence Or Robots? THINK AGAIN!!


“As part of our workforce management strategy, we conduct regular performance reviews to ensure we have the right employee skill sets necessary to meet client needs and achieve our business goals. This process results in changes, including some employees transitioning out of the company,” Cognizant has said in a statement.


Earlier news from Accenture (where they re-conveyed 17,000 individuals because of robotization) and Infosys (where they re-sent 9,000 for comparable reasons) demonstrates that it has an extensive effect on the general public – all the more imperatively, on the employments. Re-arrangement is conceivable when the numbers are little yet as the flood of Artificial Intelligence build ups, we will undoubtedly observe an immense number of employment losses in the World.

World Economic Forum report predicts loss of 5 million employments by 2020 because of computerization.

Other research reports anticipate over half of existing employments to be wiped out by 2025. In a current social study, many individuals anticipated that Artificial Intelligence would dispose of 80% of the employments that they know about.

Nonetheless, when gotten some information about their own particular employment, under 20% of the general population felt that their occupation is at hazard. It is safe to say that we are as a rule consistent with ourselves? Is your employment at hazard from Artificial Intelligence? What effect does AI have on the fate of society and training?

Later past, there has been a spate of segments in the media on the limits of robots having fulfilled a phase wherein they can go up against human occupations. Here are a couple news things, along these lines, which I have continued running over all through the most recent days.

September 2016, the material major Raymond said that it was expecting to cut 10,000 Jobs over its gathering focuses the whole course transversely over India and supplant them with robots and headway.

October 3, 2016, the World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said in a discussion: “Examination in the context of World Bank information has expected that the level of occupations undermined through computerization in India is 69 percent, 77 percent in China and as high as 85 percent in Ethiopia.


One gage has driverless sharp cars and trucks replacing them all by 2020.

An Oxford University analyze gages that 47 percent of current U.S. occupations ought to be conceivable by PCs in as pitiful as two decades.

May 2016, the shoemaker Adidas point by point that it would begin making shoes in its nation of the foundation of Germany after ideal around two decades. Notwithstanding, it might utilize robots and not individuals to do also. The affiliation calls its robot delivering plant the speed mechanical office.


Consider other polls:

Citi and Oxford University foresee that 77% of all livelihoods in China are at danger from computerization.

57% of businesses over the 34 OECD countries are at threat of automation, according to Citi and Oxford.

 IBM claims it has made a PC that is ideal at diagnosing infection over a human, for instance.

 Even news-throwing is not insusceptible – the Associated Press is starting at now using AI programming to audit association comes to fruition.


Any occupation that requires monotonous physical work.

Exactly when AIs have the point of confinement, even mental occupations like made work may well be taken by machines.


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Each time we were confronted with the danger of employment disposal, we people have developed ourselves to next stage. At the point when automation happened, we climbed to do talented occupations. At the point when Industrial insurgency happened, we climbed to do information employments.

Presently, machines are getting up to speed and are prepared to perform learning employments. Tragically, not at all like the last two circumstances, we don’t have next stage to develop into, and in that lies the hazard. Most employments will be automated.

Two particular illustrations – showing employments will be diminished (machines, by utilizing Virtual reality or Augmented reality, will prepare understudies superior to anything an individual) – one clear special case will be educators who show morals or association conduct classes. 

I for one don’t surmise that could be robotized. Also, Surgeons occupations will get mechanized, where machines will do proficient and viable surgeries than individuals (to improve tolerant feel, we may have a specialist show along)

Things being what they are, what sort of employments are protected from AI? Machines have far to achieve enthusiastic/social state (Human Relations, Social abilities) and condition of conscious. Such employments won’t get wiped out. Illustrations are Psychologists, Lawyers (paralegal employments will get wiped out as machines could do that work yet legal advisors are as yet required to contend before the judges.

Presently, judges occupations won’t get mechanized as I don’t think we will be prepared to give machines a chance to judge people), Spiritual employments etc. Occupations with dominating right-brain utilization like Poetry, Music, Painting and so on will proceed to exist, and even prosper.


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What does this do to society?


Social imbalance deteriorates – distinction amongst have and have-not builds (all the more imperatively, the number of have-nots will increment) and this prompts social turmoil. Governments will begin discussing general fundamental salary where each national will begin getting a standard pay from the administration independent of their status. Finland has begun a pilot powerful January 2017; Scotland is thinking about a pilot.

There will be a noteworthy civil argument on what this does to individuals – make them more sluggish or make them more hazard taking. Unexpectedly, Switzerland dismisses a current choice on general essential salary. Given noteworthy unemployment in the public arena, it impacts ways of life of individuals and numerous, who submitted themselves to long haul liabilities, will confront difficult issues. It will likewise have sweeping results on parts like Real Estate. Individuals need to get always re-gifted and this requires entire instruction and preparing procedure to be returned to.

With such emotional changes occurrence, would we say we are getting ready well for what’s to come?

We are yet to examine in this post on the probability of peculiarity (where Artificial Intelligent machines outperform human knowledge) and test of instructing morals to these machines. Morals, that we ourselves don’t comprehend – however we show them to our youngsters – through an experiential process. These are real subjects of examination and I’ll cover them in discrete posts.


What society will we be living in? Should we adopt Basic Universal Income?


People who have been overwhelming on this planet due to our intellectual abilities, now need to impart the planet to another species that we ourselves made – possibly with equivalent or better psychological aptitudes. Will this conjunction be peaceful?

What training would we say we are providing for our kids? Most skills that we are working in our youngsters may not be required when they grow up. Things being what they are, what would it be advisable for us to show them?

Today, Jobs mean more to individuals than profiting. They make a personality for individuals. At the point when occupations leave, individuals will battle with their character – what personality would it be advisable for them to accept? There will be a huge interest for clinicians and otherworldly masters.

Basic leadership is a basic segment that permits us to have control of our own life – even straightforward choices like when will I arrange staple goods and at what speed will I drive my auto. As AI machines begin settling on choices for us (to better serve us), individuals will begin encountering loss of control of their own lives and feel more like machines – wouldn’t that be incongruity?

With the coming off exceptionally computerized world, one segment that will flourish and make occupations is Agriculture. Given the normal increment of the total population and difficulties in delivering required sustenance because of climatic changes, a great many people will look into Agriculture – and that to me is hover of life. People have begun their trip with Agriculture and will in future, make a beeline for it – finishing circle of life. This post brings up a larger number of issues than answers however we should be better stuck to the advancement of AI to find solutions early – we don’t have them today.


Is it the End of Journalism Or A Start Of A New Era


It’s not wrong to state mechanization assuming control over the world and soon in 10 years or less everything will be robotized. While experiencing most recent news I became more acquainted with about the “Robot Reporter“. This new robot columnist is recently enchantment I can state, it can compose 300 characters in only one moment. Astonishing isn’t it..! The name of the ponder machine is Xiao Nan!.

The main article of Xiao Nan got distributed in Guangzhou-based Southern Metropolis Daily. The article was about the neighborhood spring celebration. Everybody was bewildered to see the speed, this robot is equipped for composing both long and short articles said Wan Xiaojun, who is a teacher at Peking University who is the pioneer of the group required in examining and creating robots.

Xiaojun additionally included that the robot can just examine and gather certainties and set up together in an article yet it can’t lead meets or can’t think of inquiries and furthermore can’t pick the news point from the meeting as the human columnist can do.


“At the point when contrasted and the staff correspondents, Xiao Nan has a more grounded information investigation limit and is snappier at composing stories,” he said.


“However, it doesn’t mean smart robots will soon have the capacity to totally replace correspondents.”


Thus, news of murmur for the writers and correspondents !


“However, robots will have the capacity to go about as a supplement, helping daily papers and related media, and in addition, editors and columnists,” included Xiaojun, who is additionally working with Southern Metropolis Daily to start a research center for examining and creating robots for media.



This was not the first run through when composing has gone robotized, in 2014 a calculation named Quakebot was made by a Los Angeles Times columnist and that year the Associated Press declared that they would utilize a product for composing. A few expectations were made by a Forrester Research Report expressing that robots and A.I can take around 6% of U.S. Employments by the year 2021.

As per IndustryARC examine, mechanically apply autonomy market is to a great extent driven by different businesses searching for robotization. This need has excited inferable from the way that interest in AI and robots have expanded and computerization is assuming control numerous ventures.

The robots and shrewd bots couldn’t just assume control over the undertaking of correspondents, essayists or writers additionally of numerous clients benefit occupations, lodging employments, cab drivers and some more. Along these lines, this might be an uncertain circumstance of completing assignment effectively is the need of great importance yet then human will endure.

What you need to state is this computerization an aid or a revile for humankind? I am as yet Analyzing…



Final Thoughts:

The vision of mass unemployment made by robots isn’t an affirmation, clearly. The cheerful vision of a computerized future is one where our mechanical assistants allow us to work 4-day weeks by cutting the workload, surrendering us to contribute an extensive segment of our vitality in the bar or before the TV. New development tends to make a greater number of vocations than it demolishes – every robot worker will require a maker, a chief/director, and a bolster/support person.

Why ought to Employees be made to pay for something that they had no part in? On the off chance that the accuse lies at the entryways of the administration then it ought to be prepared to assume liability.

Firings can have genuine results for an association: important HR may relocate to an endeavor’s opposition; there could be outrage and disappointment in workers who remain back; there could likewise be long haul harm to organization picture, notoriety, deals, and generation.

With the happening to online networking, disappointed and disappointed specialists could vent out their outrage and badmouth an organization on open stages and entrances like Glassdoor and ruin its notoriety. This additionally terrible for economy and GDP development. In addition, organizations, now and again, are compelled to procure a similar arrangement of workers that they terminated at twofold their past pay rates.


Really, a Catch 22!


So what’s your interpretation of Future Information Technology? Is Dream Run Or Honeymoon trip over in IT industry? What do you propose school passed out? Which Technology you recommend one ought to go for on the off chance that they are to be aggressive in expertise in market?

It would be ideal if you post your comments and feelings below .



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