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Get your First byte at Bengaluru’s first Robot Restaurant

Five feminine robotic bearers at your beck and call, serving you the choicest of Indo Asian cuisine with a voice delivered to impress. At Bengaluru’s first-ever robot-themed restaurant that opened in Indiranagar here on Saturday, table service just took a hyper-tech flight.

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Cornell’s machine learning class is now available online – for free

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China’s military is rushing to use artificial intelligence

It’s common to say that China and the US are in an “AI arms race,” as each country races to develop and commercialize deep learning and other AI technologies before the other.

A new report shows that a more literal AI arms race is also under way.

View from Beijing: The new reportfrom the Center for a New American Security, an influential think tank, offers an unusual level of access. It draws on various conferences as well as meetings with officials in China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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AI Can Transform Humans Into Beggars: Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus

Nobel laureate and Bangladeshi social entrepreneur Muhammad Yunus on Thursday said Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform ‘self-sustaining’ human beings into beggars.

“People who are behind AI are saying the state can give a universal basic income to those who lost jobs due to AI and smart technology. I ask myself a question. Is this the fate of human beings that finally we became all beggars?” he said, addressing the eighth Social Business Day held at the Infosys campus in Bengaluru.

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Google AI is sometimes better than doctors at predicting when patients will die

Google has a new algorithm that can quickly sift through thousands of digital documents in a patient’s health record to find important information, Bloomberg reported.

This enables the technology in some case to make better predictions than doctors about  how long a patient may stay in a hospital or when the likelihood that the patient may die.

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Finland offers free online Artificial Intelligence course to anyone, anywhere

Helsinki University hopes that one percent of the Finnish population – some 54,000 people – will take the online course this year. So far 24,000 have signed up.

The academic and business partners say they want Finland to become forerunners in AI, and have developed an online course covering the quickly-growing technology open to anyone, free of charge.

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The Military Just Created An AI That Learned How To Program Software

Tired of composing your own exhausting code for new programming? At long last, there’s an AI that can do it for you. BAYOU is an deep learning tool that fundamentally works like an internet searcher for coding: disclose to it what kind of program you need to make with a few watchwords, and it will release java code that will do what you’re searching for, in light of its best figure.

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Photos Suggest China Might Have a Hypersonic Railgun

Photographs were spilled on Wednesday, Jan. 31, that have made numerous speculate that China is trying a ship-mounted hypersonic railgun. While this has not been affirmed, and the superweapon won’t not be operational, it raises concerns.

Hypersonic railguns work by moving shots along electrically-charged rails at inconceivable velocities utilizing an electromagnetic power. In U.S. testing, model hypersonic railguns shot shots up to 7,800 km/hr (4,850 mph) with a noteworthy scope of up to 150 km (93 miles). 

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Scientists Are Closer to Making Artificial Brains That Operate Like Ours Do                            

Another superconducting switch could soon empower PCs to settle on choices comparatively to the way we do, basically transforming them into counterfeit brains. One day, this new innovation could support progressed artificial intelligence (AI) systems that may turn out to be a piece of our regular daily existence, from transportation to prescription.

Analysts at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) clarify that, much like an organic mind, the switch “learns” by handling the electrical signs it gets and delivering suitable yield signals.

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For The First Time, AI Can Teach Itself Any Language On Earth.

A universal translator–the stuff of sci-fi legend–may be closer than we think. Machine-based translation is stunning, yet a huge number of individuals on our Light Blue Speck can’t make the most of its benefits– in light of the fact that their language is mysteriously gone in the interpreter’s draw down menu.

Presently, two new artificial intelligence systems – one from the Universidad del País Vasco (UPV) in Spain and another from Carnegie Mellon College (CMU)– guarantee to change all that, opening the way to genuine all inclusive interpreters like the ones in Star Trek.

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AI innovation are presently enabling machines to tell a man’s sexual orientation just by analyzing pictures.

An examination think about led at the Stanford College by Michal Kosinski and Yilun Wang has demonstrated that AI innovation can deduce individuals’ sexual introduction by taking a gander at and considering their appearances.

As per the Financial analyst, the machine learning programming utilized by the pair for their examination can spot indications of sexuality by alluding to the unobtrusive contrasts in facial structure. Kosinski recommended that with the correct informational indexes, an AI could see designs in conduct that people proved unable.                    

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Putin says the country that leads in AI ‘will be the leader of the world’

Russian president Vladimir Putin has joined the war of words concerning the global race to create AI. Addressing understudies last Friday, Putin anticipated that whichever nation drives the route in AI research will come to rule worldwide undertakings.“AI is the future, for Russia, as well as for all mankind,” said Putin, reports RT.

It accompanies goliath openings, yet in addition dangers that are hard to foresee. Whoever turns into the pioneer in this circle will turn into the leader of the world.”It accompanies enormous open doors, yet additionally dangers.                      


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Alibaba debuts ‘smile to pay’ facial recognition payments at KFC in China

China is boulevards ahead with regards to advanced installments. The most recent jump is facial acknowledgment innovation that enables a client to pay by actually blazing a grin.Alibaba’s Subterranean insect Money related member propelled the ‘grin to pay’ benefit in Hangzhou, the area of the organization’s worldwide HQ, where it is being trialed with KFC .                    

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Japanese AI Robot Takes College Selection test, Uncovered Disturbing Imperfection in Human Instruction

A robot with a progressed computerized reasoning bested 80% of human understudies in the current Tokyo College entrance exam.Interestingly, not exclusively did it uncover what can in any case be enhanced about AI innovation, it likewise uncovered an imperfection in human training that should be tended to, an AI master pointed out.

The machine, named as Todai Robot, is a piece of an undertaking by Japan’s National Foundation of Informatics that plans to comprehend the sorts of scholarly capacities machines will have the capacity to supplant in the work showcase. In 2011, the program started the improvement of Todai, an AI that should be “savvy” enough to enter Japan’s most lofty college.      

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Lyft’s Self-Driving AI Cars Are Authoritatively Hitting San Francisco’s Avenues

In the event that you missed it, self-driving innovations are rapidly assuming control over the world. From Uber to Apple to GM to Lyft, it appears that all the significant tech organizations—or if nothing else, a great deal of them—are putting resources into self-sufficient cars.

Already, Uber is trying out its innovations in a large group of certifiable situations. In September of 2016, Uber’s AI autos began moving down the avenues of Pittsburg. From that point forward, they have likewise taken to streets in Arizona.Now, travelers in the San Francisco Sound Territory will soon have the capacity to have an AI as their driver too.                

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Apple’s New Augmented Reality (AR) Framework Lets You Sculpt Realistic Digital Creations

Apple is expected to announce the release of the new iPhone in September.Alongside it will come another element of iOS 11, the ARKit, which allows developers to integrate AR  into applications and diversions. The system uses propelled innovation to precisely track environment and development.

It will have the capacity to distinguish surfaces and place questions on them, taking into account apparently reasonable collaboration between carefully rendered objects and the encompassing condition. Other potential employments of the device incorporate eatery menus and computer game plan.  

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 This Computer Knows The amount Torment You’re Feeling

Analysts have prepared a PC framework to decide how much torment individuals are in by investigating their demeanors. The framework is more exact than past calculations since it factors in a man’s age, sex, and skin appearance.

While trying to render the rating torment objective, the specialists prepared a calculation, which they called “DeepFaceLIFT,” by giving it recordings of individuals with bear torment flinching and scowling in the wake of making diverse developments. The general population in the recordings at that point evaluated their torment levels. The outcomes were distributed in the Diary of Machine Learning Exploration

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Microsoft Releases a New Deep Learning Acceleration Platform Called Brainwave

@ 2017 Hot Chips symposium today, Microsoft revealed another equipment equipped for boosting manmade brainpower (AI) programs. Called Brainwave, Microsoft trusts it’ll support how machine learning models work by outlining them for programmable silicon.”

We composed the framework for continuous AI, which implies the framework forms asks for as quick as it gets them, with ultra-low idleness,” Microsoft clarified in a public statement. “Ongoing AI is winding up progressively essential as cloud frameworks process live information streams, regardless of whether they be seek questions, recordings, sensor streams, or connections with clients.”

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We Don’t Need AI That Can Understand Us –We’d Just Wind up Belligerence

Disregard the Turing test. Processing pioneer Alan Turing’s most correlated considerations on machine knowledge originate from a dismissed passage of a similar paper that initially proposed his well known test for whether a PC could be considered as brilliant as a human.

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The Most Imperative Inquiry Fundamental Artificial General Intelligence Research – Is Math Genuine?

Will AI replace mankind? The appropriate response lays on one major inquiry – do numbers, and the math we use to get things done with them, truly speak to reality?

We accept that numbers and math are genuine in light of the fact that we can get things done in this present reality with them. We utilize them to assemble PCs and dispatch rockets. Be that as it may, now we are endeavoring to make thinking machines utilizing those same numbers and math.

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Artificial intelligence can can foresee suicide with amazing precision (92%)

Walsh and his associates have made machine-learning calculations that foresee, with frightening precision, the probability that a patient will endeavor suicide. In trials, comes about have been 80-90% exact while foreseeing whether somebody will endeavor suicide inside the following two years, and 92% precise in anticipating whether somebody will endeavor suicide inside the following week.  

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Facebook’s artificial intelligence robots close down after they begin conversing with each other in their own particular language

Facebook has closed down two AIs that gave off an impression of being talking to each other in an odd dialect just they caught on.

The two chatbots came to make their own particular changes to English that made it less demanding for them to work – however which stayed baffling to the people that probably care for them.

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Facebook’s AI Keeps Inventing Languages That Humans Can’t Understand

“Scientists at Facebook understood their bots were babbling in another dialect,” composes Quick Organization’s Co.Design. “At that point they ceased it.” An unknown peruser outlines their report:Facebook — and additionally Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Apple — said they were more intrigued by AI’s that could converse with people.

In any case, when two of Facebook’s AI bots consulted with each other “There was no reward to adhering to English dialect,” says Dhruv Batra, going to investigate researcher from Georgia Tech at Facebook AI Exploration (Reasonable). Co.Design composes that the AI programming just, “learned, and advanced,” including that the production of new dialects is a wonder Facebook “has watched once more, and once more”. Furthermore, this, obviously, is risky.

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Is China is beating America in AI Research?              

The balance of power in Technology is shifting.China, which for a considerable length of time saw jealously as the west designed the product and the chips driving the present advanced age, has turned into a major player in AI, what some think might be the most critical innovation without bounds. Snap here for points of interest.

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“In what limit will brainlike computers change the world?”                                      

Robin Hanson feels that individuals will get rich from robot work, while Gary Marcus anticipates genuine types of progress in science and medication and Martine Rothblatt agrees with Kurzweil that we will essentially over the long haul wind up discernibly downloadable and along these lines endless.

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Will artificial intelligence ever understand human taste?

Professor Leroi and a gathering of his brightest understudies would utilize huge information examination and machine learning not exclusively to find the mystery of pop achievement yet to enable an unsigned craftsman to deliver an ensured hit. To my developing review amuse, the venture was a wretched disappointment.

The exploration group broke down every one of the 17,000 tunes that have entered the diagrams over the most recent sixty years inferring over a million bits of information from each track. Applying machine figuring out how to this information they set out to characterize the formula for a hit tune.

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Artificial Intelligence Utilized As a part of Japan To Foresee Taxi Ride Solicitations

In downtown Tokyo, much the same as in most real urban communities, cab drivers make as to where they might find their next paying passenger. Years of experience have honed their prediction skills to pinpoint customers depending on location, the time of day and weather. But even with this knowledge, tracking down passengers is still a hit and miss science with many drivers saying they can cruise around for up to two hours without finding a fare.

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