Magic Formula of Living 100 years of Life! November, 2020

Methi Fenugreek Seeds

Magic Formula of Living 100 years of Life!


The accompanying formula, a basic morning beverage, is one my fantastic grandmother imparted to us. She used to drink Fenugreek/Meethi seeds absorbed water each morning in empty stomach.

I chose to make this to quiet a late stomach erupt that brought about a considerable measure of uneasiness from gassiness and bloating.

The splashed methi facilitated my side effects promptly and I’ll keep on making this drink for the following few days as a precaution measure.



1 tsp Methi (Fenugreek)

1/2 cup lukewarm Water


How to Prepare and Use:

Soak the methi in the water overnight, or at least 8 hours.

In the morning, the methi will have mellowed and expanded and may have begun to inconspicuously grow. Drink the water in exhaust stomach in the wake of brushing and eat the methi, making a point to bite it well. Drenching methi quells its severity and makes it more absorbable. I completely adore the flavor and surface of drenched methi and I trust you do as well.

Stay Healthy!!


Drink Daily and live for a 100 Years!!  


Trust me it worked for many people and it would work for you also. 





History and Names

Fenugreek is a yearly plant in the family Fabaceae, with leaves comprising of three little obovate to oblong leaflets. It is developed worldwide as a semi-arid product, and its seeds are a typical fixing in dishes from South Asia.

Fenugreek Or Methi seeds are exceptionally commonplace part utilized as a part of different Indian subcontinent dishes. It is renowned by various names in various districts. It is called by the names

“Methi” in the Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali and Nepali,

“Venthayam” in the Tamil,

“uluhaal” in the Sinhala,

“Helba” in the Arabic,

“Menthya” in the Kannada,

“Uluwa” in the Malayalam,

“Menthulu” in the Telugu,

“Samudra Methi” in the Maharashtra


Significant fenugreek-Producing nations are Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Iran, Nepal, Bangladesh, Argentina, Egypt, France, Spain, Turkey, and Morocco.

The biggest maker is India. Fenugreek generation in India is moved in the conditions of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Haryana, and Punjab. Rajasthan represents more than 80% of India’s yield.


Methi Plants


Nourishing value per 100 g (3.5 oz)

Energy 205 kJ (49 kcal)

Carbohydrates 6 g

Fat 0.9 g

Protein 4.4 g


Calcium (40%) 395 mg

Iron (15%) 1.93 mg

Phosphorus (7%) 51 mg

Different constituents

Water 88.7 g


Health Advantages of Fenugreek/Methi seeds


Fenugreek is thought to help with various sorts of stomach related issues, including irritation of the stomach, steamed stomach, clogging, acid reflux, and indigestion. Fenugreek is regularly utilized as a part of a blend with other home grown cures in the treatment of fiery inside malady and ulcerative colitis.

Controls glucose levels

A diabetic must incorporate methi (either as seeds or leaves) in their eating regimen. Since galactomannan, a characteristic dissolvable fiber introduces in fenugreek backs off the rate of sugar ingestion into the blood. It likewise contains amino corrosive in charge of instigating the generation of insulin.

Initiates and facilitates labor

Fenugreek has been known to be useful in initiating labor by invigorating uterine constrictions. It likewise lessens work torment. In any case, here’s an expression of alert. Abundance admission of fenugreek seeds amid pregnancy could put you at danger of unnatural birth cycle or premature labor.

Treat elevated cholesterol and coronary illness

Fenugreek has a key impact in heart wellbeing because of the nearness of galactomannan. The high measure of potassium in fenugreek additionally controls circulatory strain and heart rate.

Joint inflammation treatment

A review distributed in the diary International Immunopharmacology in 2012 tried to analyze the cell reinforcement and calming impacts of fenugreek adhesive on ligament rats. The outcomes were sure; driving the exploration group to trust that fenugreek might be successful to treat joint inflammation.

Treat dietary problems

The remedial and nutritive properties found in fenugreek can build craving. In a review distributed in the diary Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior in 1993, specialists found that fenugreek separate altogether expanded the inspiration to eat in rats. All things considered, the scientists additionally noticed that fenugreek did not forestall tranquilize instigated anorexia.

Advances milk flow in breastfeeding moms

Fenugreek is viewed as essential for nursing moms because of the nearness of diosgenin, which is thought to build drain creation. A few reviews demonstrate that fenugreek promotes milk flow, and one review distributed in the diary BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2013 demonstrates that some breastfeeding moms do utilize it.

Conceivable treatment and prevention of cancer

Fenugreek is additionally valuable in the treatment and prevention of cancer. The fiber in fenugreek is thought to spot to the poisons in sustenance and flush them out of the body, which can shield the colon from the disease. Look into on rats distributed in the diary Cell Biology International in 2005 proposes that fenugreek seeds have a critical chemopreventive impact against breast cancer.

Women’s Health

Fenugreek additionally contains mixes with estrogen-like properties, including isoflavones and diosgenin which diminish the issues and inconvenience connected with the premenstrual disorder. These mixes likewise facilitate the manifestations of menopause, for example, temperament vacillations and hot flashes. Fenugreek is likewise thought to incite labor through the incitement of uterine withdrawals and can diminish work torment, however overabundance fenugreek may bring about untimely birth or premature delivery amid pregnancy.

Weight reduction

What are the advantages of fenugreek seeds for weight reduction? The fiber contained inside fenugreek seeds can help you stifle craving, which thusly helps with weight reduction. Take a stab at biting on fenugreek seeds every morning on an empty stomach.

Diabetes patients Benefits

Fenugreek seeds can profit diabetes patients because of a characteristic dissolvable fiber called galactomannan, which moderates the rate of sugar retention into the blood. A review distributed in the Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics in 2010 found that fenugreek seeds are not just helpful in controlling glucose levels in diabetic rats, however, that they likewise ensure against kidney and heart harm brought about by diabetes-instigated oxidative anxiety.

Skin wellbeing

The cancer prevention agent and calming properties in fenugreek seeds are likewise vital for skin wellbeing. Fenugreek seed benefits for skin incorporate medications for bubbles, scars, blazes, skin break out, dermatitis, wounds, leg ulcers, and neighborhood skin aggravation. The mitigating movement of fenugreek seeds is because of steroids and glycoside subordinates.

Hair wellbeing

There are likewise fenugreek seed benefits for hair. You can make an awesome glue out of them for hair wellbeing. Just back rub your head with bubbled fenugreek seeds that have been absorbed overnight coconut oil. It’s an awesome solution for male pattern baldness or hair diminishing, and it’s likewise utilized for skin-related hair issues like dandruff.


Precautions while Eating Fenugreek/Methi Seeds:

Eating it with some of the combinations ought to be entirely maintained a strategic distance from as it might prompt to the genuine medical issues like:

Keep away from it with the meds for diabetes implies the counter diabetes tranquilizes as it connects with them and causes glucose to go too low.

Stay away from it with the solutions which moderate the rate of blood thickening means anticoagulant or hostile to platelet medicates as it communicates with them and causes wounding and bleeding.

The amount Methi/Fenugreek Seeds Should You Take?

It ought not to be taken more than 30 grams for each day as it might prompt to the genuine medical issues and reactions. Be that as it may, its day by day dose relies on upon the age, sex and body well being. Before utilizing it frequently it must be counseled by the doctor in the event that one is going on any medicine or has hypersensitivity issue.


Reactions of Fenugreek/Methi Seeds if taken high:

It might bring about some gastrointestinal inconveniences including the runs or bloating.

Overdose may bring about sickness, skin rashes and skin aggravation.

It ought to be kept away from by the individual having blood issue as it expands the blood misfortune by meddling with the blood coagulating.

It is not alright for the youngsters as it might bring about the loss of cognizance among kids.

It might bring about wheezing, nasal blockage, facial swelling, hacking and sensitivity in the touch individuals.

It may cause hemorrhagic stroke means bleeding in the brain which results in the weakness, numbness in the arms, legs and severe headache.

Eating methi seeds just before the infant birth may give unordinary personal stench to the infant.


Alert !! patients who are in counsel with their specialists for diabetes and coronary illness AND people who might be undergoing certain surgery, remember to advise your specialist that, you would be or you are taking Fenugreek/Methi seeds frequently. 



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