Microsoft launches new online training courses for aspiring AI engineers In June, 2024

Microsoft launches new online training courses for aspiring AI engineers

Aiming to fill skill gaps in AI, Microsoft makes training courses available to the public On Monday April 2nd 2018, the organization reported the Microsoft Professional Program in AI.

The program gives job-ready skills and real-world experience to engineers and other people who are hoping to enhance their abilities in AI and data science through a progression of online courses that feature hands-on labs and master educators.

The program is a piece of a bigger corporate effort that additionally incorporates the enterprise developer-focused AI School, which gives online videos and different resources for enable engineers to expand AI aptitudes. That program incorporates both general educational tools for engineers hoping to extend AI abilities and particular direction on how engineers can utilize Microsoft’s tools and services.


“AI is increasingly important in how our products and services are designed and delivered and that is true for our customers as well,” Company said.

“Fundamentally,”  “we are all interested in developing talent that is able to build, understand and design systems that have AI as a central component, company added.”


Those finishing the course get a carefully sharable Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Artificial Intelligence.

The courses aren’t free. Members need to purchase certificates from for each course. In any case. Microsoft likewise enables those intrigued to join and review them for nothing, yet they won’t get the completion credit on the off chance that they do this. More specifics are accessible by means of the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) site.


What amount of time is required to finish each course?

Courses have been created because of the low maintenance understudy—somebody who burns through 3-4 hours for each week ought to have the capacity to finish each course in a month. This is a gauge; the time responsibility will change by understudy. Individuals who are now comfortable with topics, or those with more opportunity to devote every week, may complete courses speedier, while others may require extra time to ace these aptitudes.


Are there prerequisites for the Artificial Intelligence track?

Understudies should begin with secondary level of mathematics and a fundamental learning of programming ideas. Understudies ought to likewise have a feeling of curiousity, an eagerness to learn by investigating, and enough steadiness to make sense of things for yourself when something doesn’t function not surprisingly.


Do I require any special software or cloud services to complete the Artificial Intelligence track?

You’ll require a Windows, Linux, or Macintosh OS X PC. A few courses require a Microsoft Azure membership.


What is the Artificial Intelligence capstone project?

The capstone project enables you to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve gained throughout the program to a real-world AI issue. This will act as the final evaluation for completing the program, but more significantly it will give you some real-world experience that you can present to prospective employers.

Perceiving a deficiency of qualified people to fill the developing requirement for particular employment parts, Microsoft Professional Program is another approach to take in the abilities and get the hands-on encounter these parts require. In the wake of passing all courses in the track and finishing a last task, people win a carefully sharable, list of qualifications commendable accreditation that affirms authority of these useful and specialized aptitudes.

Innovation is making professions that have never existed. However, to be fruitful in these new activity parts, new abilities are required. Microsoft Professional Program furnishes understudies and experts with genuine learning and hands-on understanding to develop their abilities in these basic specialized fields. Including thorough online courses and hands-on labs, understudies have adaptability to ace these abilities at their own particular pace.

The AI track takes aspiring AI engineers from basic introduction of AI to mastery skills expected to build deep learning models for AI solutions that display human-like conduct and knowledge.


AI Track detail

Each course keeps running for three months and begins toward the start of a quarter. January—March, April—June, July—September, and October —December. The capstone keeps running for a month toward the start of each quarter: January, April, July, October. For correct dates for the present course run, please allude to the course detail page on

* Courses can be taken amid any course run and in any request. At the point when various course alternatives are recorded for an aptitude, just a single must be finished to fulfill the prerequisites for graduation.


The AI track incorporates 10 required courses which take in the vicinity of eight and 16 hours for every course.

Technologies covered in the AI courses include Python, math/statistics, ethics, data analysis, Azure Machine Learning, computer vision, natural language processing and speech recognition as described below links.


  1. Get Started with AI
  2. Use Python to Work with Data
  3. Use Math and Statistics Techniques
  4. Consider Ethics for AI
  5. Plan and Conduct a Data Study
  6. Build Machine Learning Models
  7. Build Deep Learning Models
  8. Build Reinforcement Learning Models
  9. Develop Applied AI Solutions Natural Language Processing (NLP) Speech Recognition Systems Computer Vision and Image Analysis  COMING SOON
  10. Final Project COMING SOON



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