Siri vs Google Assistant vs Cortana vs Alexa: Battle of the AI assistants October, 2020

Siri vs Google Assistant vs Cortana vs Alexa: Battle of the AI assistants

Siri vs Google Assistant vs Cortana vs Alexa: Battle of the AI Assistants


Virtual assistants are progressively getting more quick witted. Small astounding here, graciousness innovation Goliath’s like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon putting their strength behind them. These assistants are likewise said to be the key offering point for gadgets from these organizations. Think about how Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana fare opposite each other?

Here’s a brief look:


Siri is awesome at understanding the regular dialect. It reacts to various methods for expressing similar inquiries. More distant than words, Siri’s “identity” recognizes the meaning and is the most natural right hand when utilizing regular language.

Then again, you should be near your mobile when you converse with Siri and it must be your voice. Siri will experience difficulty understanding you generally.

Here are a few ways to get Siri’s attention.  Keep in mind, some of the commands will work on a Mac, while some fall flat.

“Hey, Siri” “Call the fire department.”
“Hey, Siri” “Send email to [name] about [subject] and say [message].”
“Hey, Siri” Turn on/off [Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular Data, Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, Night Shift]
“Hey, Siri” Schedule a meeting with [name] tomorrow at 11:30 a.m.” or “Cancel my 5 p.m. appointment.”
“Hey, Siri”  “Find My Friends” set up). Ex.: “Where is Ron?” or “Who is near me?”
“Hey, Siri” What’s traffic like on the way home?
“Hey, Siri” “What are some movies playing near me?” or “Is [movie name] playing near me?”
“Hey, Siri” “Check flight status of [airline and flight number]”
“Hey, Siri” Send a message using WhatsApp/LinkedIn/Skype/WeChat/etc.
“Hey, Siri” Call me an Uber/Lyft/etc.


Google Assistant

Google Assistant was the best out of all with regards to adapting to an extensive variety of accents.

Here are few commands you can try now if you install Allo for Android or iOS.

“Show me my photos of Paris”
“What’s the weather like in Bangalore”
“Set a reminder for tomorrow.”
“Show me my flights.”
“What’s the square root of 987″
“Play some Music”
“Show me nearby Bars”



Other than the way that you can likewise sort to Cortana, its voice recognition is like Siri’s as it recognizes the meaning and not simply words. It has some extraordinary methodologies contrasted with Siri for similar inquiries, and despite the fact that it hasn’t been around for so long, it is a feasible contender and works shockingly well.

Here are a few ways to get Cortana’s attention.

“What will the weather be like in two days?” or “Is it going to rain tomorrow?”
“Show me emails from George.”
 “How’s my schedule looking?” or “What do I have next week?” or “When is my dentist appointment?”
“Find pictures from last week” or “Find documents from May 2015” or “Find videos from yesterday.”
What is traffic like on the way to [location]?
“Is my flight on time?”



Alexa is constantly mindful for its name. It has the greatest mouthpiece innovation that can get expressions and summons in a typical voice from over the room. Reverberate’s speaker innovation can hear any voice from wherever.

From calling a Uber to FitnessTips, Alexa is definitely changing how we interact with applications eg:

“Alexa, ask My Chef What’s expiring?
“Alexa, ask Uber to Request a Ride?
“Alexa, ask Fitbit how I slept last night?
“Alexa, what’s in the news?
“Alexa, tell Tide I have a juice stain?

This can some of the time be a downside as it might respond to different voices originating from the other people voice,Radio,TV etc.


Scope of Capabilities


Siri is incredible for in a hurry purposes and in this way, it precisely gives you headings while you’re in the car. It is helpful when you would prefer not to get the gadget and need to convey a particular message from your telephone. Different capacities incorporate seeking the web, making calls, opening applications, setting up schedule occasions and cautions, looking into bearings in Apple Maps etc…

On the off chance that you approach Siri for the news, it will give you a cluster of connections, however, won’t read the news so anyone can hear. Same goes in the event that you need to purchase something – Siri will give you the connection where you can make your buy yet won’t get it for you.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the star with regards to taking care of your own life. It has a gathering of individual information making your everyday drive, your interests and your timetable so natural to control. It is the best framework to expect your necessities and proactively help you.

Google Assistant will disclose to you the climate, give you bearings to basic spots you visit, remind you about planned occasions, give you refreshes relying upon your interests, play music etc… You can likewise request data from your Google accounts.


Cortana is incredible with area based updates like “Remind me to call Mom when I return home.” It is additionally brisk with regards to hunting the web down data – in any case, with regards to basic inquiries like “What day is it?”, it may get confounded.

You can likewise make calls, send instant messages, seek the web, plan timetable occasions, request the climate and give you data about spots you every now and again visit. You can likewise set hours when you would prefer not to be exasperated.


The energy of Alexa is made for making your Smart Home. It is stunning for dealing with home gadgets, purchasing things online – like adding things to your Amazon Shopping Cart or putting in a request for your grocery store week by week shopping list when you come up short on sustenance. It is likewise helpful for making updates, playing music, altering the indoor regulator or killing/on the lights. Additionally, on the off chance that you approach Alexa for the news, it will read its “blaze” news briefings so anyone can hear.


Integrating With Third-Party Applications



Siri can’t cooperate with the majority of the outside applications. It plays apple music yet it can’t request a Uber or play Spotify. It is constrained to work just with other Apple applications despite the fact that it works successfully.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is likewise working with an assortment of outside applications where you can include schedules Trello or play some music on Youtube or Pandora. Contingent upon the sort of telephone you have, you may need to initiate Google Assistant from inside the fundamental Google seek application.


Cortana is incredible when working with different applications on Windows gadgets and proficiently makes messages, updates or notes.

Presently, just a couple of outside applications can effectively coordinate with Cortana be that as it may, over the long haul, we ought to see greater improvement in this perspective.


Alexa is awesome with outsider applications coming to up to many applications. You can request an auto from Uber, play music on Spotify and even purchase things on the web.


Exchanging On When Needed


With a specific end goal to initiate Siri, you can press and hold the Home catch of the iOS gadget you are utilizing or leave the dependably on choice actuated all together for the framework to realize that at whatever point you say “Hello, Siri”, it is the begin of another summon.

There is a choice that enables you to prepare Siri to react just to your voice. Along these lines, the framework won’t enact itself with different voices like the TV.

Google Assistant

To enact Google Assistant, you tap a mouthpiece on the screen. As every other framework, you can likewise actuate a dependable on choice which fills in as a pointer for your computerized aide to tune in for the expression “OK Google” as the demand for another order.

“OK, Google” can likewise be prepared to respond to a specific confided in voice.


To actuate Cortana, you tap an amplifier symbol on the screen. Like Siri, when your telephone battery drops down, it is killed consequently.

Extra to an individual voice preparing an alternative, Cortana likewise incorporates a choice that enables it to enact “to anybody” on the off chance that you are imparting the gadget to different individuals.


Amazon Echo will tune into “Alexa” for actuation insofar as it’s turned on. Besides, there is additionally an alternative to killing its receiver.

Alexa now some of the time responds to voices it shouldn’t in view of the propelled Echo amplifier innovation.




Siri is awesome for in a hurry as it is accessible on various versatile gadgets. Apple is as yet taking a shot at making the utilization of Siri at home more successful.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is helpful for in a hurry. It has an awesome without hands availability to your cell phone, as Siri. In any case, Google Assistant, which is coordinated into Google Home, is suspected to converge with Google Assistant sooner rather than later.


As a mix of both OK Google and Siri, Cortana is incredible for in a hurry purposes. In addition’s, Microsoft will probably achieve shrewd homes as Windows 10 will work with a more extensive scope of gadgets and apparatuses in coming few days.


Alexa is not a gadget you buy for “in a hurry” administrations. The product is perfect and the most helpful while making your Smart Home.


Seeing Gadget Itself


Siri is accessible on iDevices which enable it to be available all around. In your tablet, telephone and even in your wrist. Apple is endeavoring to improve it fill in as a keen home gadget.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant chips away at Android, iOS, and PCs, however, its equipment controlling capacities are constrained on iOS.


Cortana is accessible on Windows 10 desktop OS and also Windows 10 Mobile, which Microsoft hopes to be on huge gadgets in a few years. It is relied upon to be accessible additionally on Android and iOS later on.


Alexa is accessible on Amazon Echo and Echo Dot which is extraordinary in the event that you need to set it for your home, home gadgets and later on grow it to different rooms with the Echo Dot.


Final Blow…


So in the Siri VS Google Assistant VS Cortana VS Alexa wars, who wins?

We’ve analyzed every one of the four advanced partners – Siri, that has been around for some time, Cortana which is new to the diversion yet a feasible contender, Google Assistant, as of now in a critical improvement stage and Alexa, an unmistakable innovation for shrewd homes.

Right now, despite the fact that they have a similar innovation, Alexa is in an alternate diversion. As a gadget with top execution for the savvy home, it works extraordinarily with outside applications and Amazon Echo’s speaker/mouthpiece innovation is excellent.

Google Assistant wins the fight. Apple excessively appears, making it impossible to make a decent showing with regards to in staying aware of Assistant. Cortana can deal with the most essential assignments yet is constrained to Microsoft’s biological community like Outlook, Bing inquiry, Maps and couple of something beyond. Amazon’s Alexa is open from a scope of gadgets, be that as it may, despite everything it lingers path behind.

It appears Facebook too may enter this shred soon with ‘Jarvis‘, the AI-based individual associate that CEO Mark Zuckerberg displayed recently. Jarvis can play music, turn on lights, and perceive guests and the sky is the limit from there. The individual associate until further notice is modified to perform activities in Zuckerberg’s living arrangement.

Every one of them is taking a shot at creating enhancements for keen home purposes and outsider application administrations while Alexa is taking a shot at their “on-the-go” capabilities for conveying better help outside of your home.


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