This Text Will CRASH & BREAK ANY iPhone Messages App! In July, 2020

This Text Will CRASH & BREAK ANY iPhone Messages App!

This Text Will CRASH & BREAK ANY iPhone Messages App!


Presently Yet another instant message(white flag emoji followed by a character called VS16, a zero, and a rainbow emoji ) that can crash or stop your iPhone running iOS 10 has been found, luckily, the settle is anything but difficult to execute this time around. Here are the points of interest.

It appears instant messages and malignant connections that can wreak ruin with iOS gadgets have turned into a kind of pattern in the course of recent months up ’til now another lethal content has been found – this time, courtesy The content, which is essentially a blend of four characters – a white flag emoji followed by a character called VS16, a zero, and a rainbow emoji – can hang/freeze/crash any beneficiary iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 10 – 10.2.1 for two, even 4-5 minutes on end, after which the gadget will respring consequently.

The client can drive a reboot, obviously, yet that itself can take a lot of time contingent upon the gadget. The bug is to a greater degree a minor irritation than a noteworthy reason for concern unless you have more than a couple of companions enamored with playing barbarous pranks.

In the matter of why this mix of characters causes gadgets to solidify, the source hypothesizes that it is the aftereffect of the gadget endeavoring to join two characters that it can’t. The VS16 character advises the gadget to join nearby characters. For this situation, the gadget endeavors to join the banner emoji and zero into one character while really attempting to yield the rainbow signal character, which is a blend of the white banner and rainbow emojis.

This Text Will CRASH & BREAK ANY iPhone Messages App!

Note: Image source from google

Please see a white flag emoji followed by a character called VS16, a zero, and a rainbow emoji clearly in above picture.



Luckily, it takes a touch of work to send the content starting with one iOS gadget then onto the next, with one of the two techniques included requiring a PC and the beneficiary gadget to be on iOS 10 – 10.1.1. The second strategy, created by YouTuber Everything ApplePro, works over every single current version of iOS 10, including 10.2.1 betas, and doesn’t require a PC, however, it takes a touch longer.

There is no security against the content shy of obstructing any contacts that have a past filled with sending it to you, and the main snappy settle after accepting the content is, as specified prior, constraining a reboot. The Messages application may, in specific cases, neglect to stack even after the influenced gadget has been resprung or restarted. The settle for this too is a straightforward one, fortunately. The accompanying straightforward strides will recover your Messages application up and run on the off chance that it happens to keep slamming or stacking to a clear, white screen after reboot/respring.

How to FIX:

Luckily, the settle doesn’t really require having a huge amount of multifaceted specialized learning. It’s progressively an instance of knowing where to go to and what to do. So this is what you have to do.

Step 1: On the iPhone being referred to, will need to simply ahead and explore to an exceptional page in Safari. You can do this by making a beeline for the accompanying URL:

Step 2: Select Open from the dialogue box that seems to hop to the Messages application.

Step 3: Exit out of the new string it makes inside the application and erases any strings with the content that brought about your gadget to crash.

The accompanying message will solidify an iPhone when gotten as an iMessage and showed as a flag warning. Utilize mindfully.

This bug appears to just effect through iOS v10.1.1. 10.2+ does not appear to be powerless.

Click in this content region

Select all (ctrl+A or cmd+A) and duplicate

Glue in Messages on Mac or in new note on to send from your telephone


You won’t have the capacity to duplicate/glue this content on your iPhone. You should make another note from, open that note on your telephone, and share through messages, or send by means of iMessage from a Mac.

Source:, the Internet


Probable Technical Explanation:

What you find in the content is the waving white banner emoji, a zero, and the rainbow emoji. The rainbow signal emoji isn’t an emoji in itself, it’s made of three characters: waving white banner, a character called variety division 16 (VS16 for short), and the rainbow. What VS16 does for this situation basically is advises the gadget to join the two encompassing characters into one emoji, yielding the rainbow signal (this is like how skin tone modifiers function, yet not precisely the same). The content you’re replicating is really waving a white banner, VS16, zero, rainbow emoji. I’m accepting is occurring that the telephone tries to consolidate the waving white banner and the zero into an emoji, yet this clearly isn’t possible. Generally, the telephone wouldn’t attempt to do this, however, it seems that the rainbow emoji is additionally there, and realizes that it can join the white banner and rainbow emoji, so it tries.

In my earlier post I had written on 8 basic iPhone 7 problems how to Fix it

Extra Note:

If any of your enemies continue sending… Go to contact and Block their number 🙂


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      • Hello,

        Not sure if it works for iPad but i found some link in net:

        “All u have to do is enable all notifications for messages then get a friend who is ur contact to iMessage u a photo then a contact of someone they have but u don’t, then close app and try fix. If doesn’t work wait until screen go black and get friend to send one message to u then close and re try these steps. Worked for me over 10 times on my iPad tried with different ways but this one only works.”

        I am not sure but you can try this solution.

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