Top 4 AI Tools You Can Use on Your Business Now in August, 2020

Top 4 AI Tools You Can Use on Your Business Now in 2019 ( Updated )

Lots of businesses are hoping to utilize AI for growth and efficiency. Now that the technology is readily available for them, it is possible to become a part of the AI revolution through software and other helpful tools.

If you are a business owner who wants to become a part of the new trend, then look no further as we’ve listed down the top AI solutions that you can use to automate your daily operations.




There will come a time when you’ll need to expand your team with highly formidable employees. However, you may not always be available to look for and find the best candidates. If this is the case, then you may want to try out the augmented writing platform, Textio.

Textio is an AI tool that uses predictive technology to write job listings. It recognizes over 50,000 phrases and creates a great listing that caters to all types of employees. What’s great about Textio is that it eliminates subconscious gender bias.

Currently, it is being used by companies such as Starbucks, Twitter, and Microsoft.


Data RPM


Data RPM

Managing and processing data is a tough and meticulous task for companies. One way to help out with this process is by using Data RPM. It is an AI-based tool that can process company data in a short amount of time.

Using the data, it can predict various things such as possible asset failures, potential maintenance periods, and much more. It can help companies grow by streamlining their operational costs.



Recorded Future

Recorded Future

Threats to cyber security are always present, and companies should always take steps to prevent such attacks from happening. Understandably, one of the reasons why people fail to protect themselves against these threats is that they don’t know when it will happen. This is where Recorded Future comes in to save the day.


Recorded Future is a threat intelligence system that can help you predict future attacks. To cap it all off, the technology also lowers threat risks all in all. The solution’s machine learning allows it to see all external threats and acts on them at record time. If you don’t want your business to suffer from heavy losses, then this might be the tool for you.

Understandably, scheduling is a hard and bothersome task especially if you are a busy man. Luckily, scheduling such chores can be automated. One tool that can automate it is In essence, is a smart assistant app that can be used to handle meeting requests. How it works is that when you receive a request for a meeting, the tool responds by finding a place and time that suits your schedule. It can also schedule meetings and events via your email.


These are just a small sampling of AI tools that you can use to improve your business. There are a lot of other tools out there that you can use. Now that AI is more accessible than ever, you should see to it that you utilize what it can bring to you and your company.

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