Top & Best Artificial Intelligence Products/Companies In October, 2020

Top & Best Artificial Intelligence Products/Companies

Top and Best Artificial Intelligence Products Or Companies


I have spent few hours for shortlisting Top and Best AI products/companies/chatbots in different categories and given a web link to explore more on this.


I have listed Top 25 Best Artificial Intelligent Chatbots Available Online for Free  for iPhone & Android in 2017 which you should not miss any one.


I have listed Top and Best 20 Indian Artificial Intelligence AI Startups Companies to watch out for In 2018 which are taking an AI leap in India and these startup companies are leading the race.


Below are some of the Top and Best Artificial Intelligence Products or Companies you should never miss!


Personal Agents


1.) Google Assistant — everyday personal assistant


2.) Amazon Echo/Alexa — everyday personal partner for in-home


3.) Apple Siri — everyday individual partner on iPhone and Mac


Also see the link for the differences between siri-vs-google-assistant-vs-cortana-vs-alexa-battle-of-the-ai-assistants


4.) Last Facebook M — competitors to Siri, Google Now and Cortana.


Professional Agents 


1.) SkipFlag — automatically find and compose your work

2.)—meeting booking aide

3.) — personal collaborator to help you at work

4.) Clara — right-hand meeting booking

5.) My Ally — handles meeting booking and oversees date-book




1.) — diagnose wheezing and tooth-crushing 

3.) Abi — your virtual wellbeing associate

4.) — helps you watch over friends and family with Alzheimer’s

5.) Ada — can help in case you’re feeling unwell

6.) Joy — helps you track and enhance your emotional well-being




1.) Thirdleap — helps youngsters to learn maths





UnifyID — verify your personality by the way you walk, sort and sit




News360 — learns what you appreciate and discovers stories you’ll like




1.) Mezi —assists with booking flights, lodgings, eatery reservations and that’s just the beginning


2.) Ready — traffic forecaster and travel time expectation


3.) Emma—naturally figures and includes meeting travel time


4.) ETA — helps you oversee travel schedules and gatherings


Wearables — wearable for hand to hand fighting to help break down kicks and battles




1.) Vinli — turns any auto into a keen auto


3.) Aiva — composes passionate soundtrack music


4.) Fembot—your AI sweetheart


5.) Docubot — can exhort you on legitimate issues


6.) Liv — transcribe discussions in English and Hindi


7.) Robby — a better and more brilliant date-book


8.) Newton — helps you discover a fantasy work


9.) Woo — helps to settle best choice for your profession


10.) Pandora — finds music you may like


11.) Apollo — breaks down articles and PDF’s into speedy, decipherable dab focuses


13.) Microsoft Translator — language interpreter controlled by neural systems


14.) Stella — scans for occupations and deals with your application procedure


15.) Iris — helps you examine and imagine ideas in research papers


16.) Driveway — tracks and rewards safe drivers


17.) GoFind — helps you discover attire online by taking a photograph


18.) — dating application with Face Search


Robots & Chatbot


1.) Roboy—a humanoid robot expected to be as competent as a human


2.) Chatfuel — create a Facebook chatbot in 7 minutes


3.) myWave — chatbot to help you all through your day by day life




1. ) Wallet — AI for your day by day back choices


2.) Roger — helps you pay charges effortlessly


3.) Bond — helps you accomplish your money related objectives


5.) Mylo — rounds up your regular buys and contribute the extra change



Finally below are my favourite blogs I see for Latest News Updates.


1.)  Mainly on Deep Learning contents


3.) — dedicated news and updates for ML and AI


4.) PRAI —  Portal for AI, ML and Robotics


5.) AI Weekly — a week by week accumulation news and assets on AI and ML


6.) — AI analysts


7.) Approximately Correct — AI and Machine Learning blog


Please let me know if I had missed any major companies/products here I will surely add more.

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