Top 10 Coolest High Tech Toys for Toddlers in December, 2022



Many of you might be wondering which Robots is right for your child?

Here I have spend numerous hours on research to shortlist with hundreds of drones, droids to pick for our kids to help them working with them.

With the below listed 10 best kids or toddlers toys will have good programming, playing, learning, interacting experiences with Robots.


Discover New Gift Ideas Now For Kids Coolest Toys




Sphero 2.0: The App-Controlled Robot Ball


Sphero 2.0 The App Controlled Robot Ball






  • App controlled robot ball traveling up to 7 ft per second with a high impact polycarbonate shell
  • Smart bluetooth connection with a range of 100 ft
  • 2 ramps included so you can build obstacle courses
  • Includes inductive charging base providing over an hour of full throttle fun
  • Over 30 free apps can be downloaded to upgrade your play from itunes app store or google play.




Anki DRIVE – Smart Robot Car Racing Game


Anki DRIVE Starter Kit Smart Robot Car Racing Game






Race Real Robot Cars Part toy, part video game, Anki DRIVE is all-out high-speed family fun.

You can go head-to-head with your family or put your skills to the ultimate test against in-game Commanders in this first-of-its-kind battle racing game.


  • Part toy, part video game, Anki DRIVE is all-out high-speed family fun where you battle and race against friends or AI controlled vehicles
  • Setup is easy, simply rollout the starter track, download the Anki DRIVE app, and take control of your car.






Little Bits 2nd Edition Gizmos Gadgets Kit





Turn screen time into hands-on learning as your kids create inventions and control them from their smart device.


  • Compatible with most iOS and Android devices
  • Includes accessories
  • Kids can reuse bits in unlimited ways





Ubooly - Orange - NEW MODEL - Fits most phones and iPod touch





Ubooly – Orange – NEW MODEL – Fits most phones and iPod touch


  • Play pretend and explore the real world with hundreds of activities
  • Requires a mobile device and free app download (iPhone 4 and up or Android 2.3 and up)
  • Resilient memory foam padding protects your device during play





Sparkup Magical Book Reader

Sparkup The Magical Book Reader by Vivid




The Sparkup Magical Book Reader is a device which allows children to hear recordings of their parents reading their favorite books to them.


  • Reads aloud any picture book;
  • Sparkup uses camera sensing technology to record and read aloud;
  • Record any book in your own voice;
  • Store up to 250 minutes of audio or approximately 50 recorded storybooks;
  • Connect to your computer to save recordings, download stories and more.




Nano-Falcon Helicopter

Mini Heli Nano Falcon




Nano Falcon is Certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s smallest I/R Helicopter. Sophisticated aviation technology packed into a 3.19 inch helicopter, provides superior stability and precision flying.

The attractive Silverlit Power in Air packaging includes a fully assembled helicopter supplied ready-to-fly, complete with a pre-installed three channel proportional wide beam infrared control system, an informative flight manual and two replacement tail rotors.


  • Flying Range: 10 Meter
  • Product Weight :400 Gram
  • Flying Time : 4-5 mins 




Thinkgizmos Remote Control Robot – Fires Discs, Dances, Talks – Super Fun RC Robot


Thinkgizmos Remote Control Robot - Fires Discs, Dances, Talks




As seen on doctor who Christmas special! This fantastic and futuristic remote control toy robot for kids will have all the family on the run as foam discs are fired out at super speed from his chest.

Incredibly easy to operate via the remote control which is included. The RoboShooter toy robot talks, walks, fires and even dances!


  • Different color remote control robots can be controlled without interference, so if you are buying multiple robots also search Amazon for B01LWJ4ZLY for the red/black version so you can enjoy fun robot battles.
  • Control the robot shooter robot into position and then press “fire” and he will launch mini Frisbee’s from his chest at incredible speed.





Ozobot Bit Coding Robot (Blue)


Bit Coding Robot




Award-winning robot (including Best Robot Toy – KAPi and CES Editor‘s Choice)


  • Play and personalize Bit with stickers, pop-outs, and DIY skins
  • Code with markers, drawing color codes that tell Bit what to do, then graduate to OzoBlockly and write programs to program Bit’s behavior
  • Pocket-sized but packed with tech, including: optical sensors, programmable behavior, LED light, USB charging, and polycarbonate shell
  • 1 Ozobot Bit coding robot, 4 color code markers, 2 DIY skins, 25 STEAM activities, DIY stickers and pop-outs, Quick Start Guide, charging cable 


Age Group : 6+



WolVol Remote Control Robot Police Toy with Flashing Lights and Sounds


WolVol Remote Control Robot Police Toy with Flashing Lights and Sounds Great Action Toy





The WolVol Robot Police Toy has awesome sounds and flashing lights. Arms can be swayed up and down. Hours of fun and entertainment.

A great gift for the ones who deserve it. Ideal activity toy for boys and girls all ages.


  • The robot can walk and turn around, music dances and other activities
  • Performs 10 different actions on the remote controller
  • Comes in big full colored box, package size 13.5 x 10 x 5 inches



Elenco OWI ATR – All Terrain Robot


Elenco OWI ATR - All Terrain Robot




  • Utilize different track modules and make your robot transform into 3 amazing variations
  • In forklift mode, the ATR is like a mini industrial fork lift, with the ability to lift up to 100 g in weight It’s all about flexibility, and intelligent thinking
  • Build an entertaining multi-function tracked mobile robot
  • Easy to understand kid friendly step-by-step instructions
  • Remote wired controller
  • Command the robot to move forward, backward, turn, grip and lift 



Witblox Mega DIY Robotics Kit For 101 Projects


Witblox Mega DIY Robotics Kit For 101 Projects




If You Like To Make Diy/Robotics Projects, Witblox Is An Awesome Tool To Help You Create Cool Stuffs. Witblox Contains Lego Like Electronic Blocks Like Power, Lamp, Buzzer, Motor, Wheels (2), Distance Sensor, Dark Sensor, Invert And In/Out Extension.

You Can Connect These Blocks To Make Any Circuit Logic For Your Science /Robotics Projects Like Line Follower Robot, Magician’S Robot, Edge Detecting Robot, Etc. No Soldering Or Programming Is Required!


PS: A DIY Making Guide Is Provided For Making 101 Projects.

  • Electronics Blocks which you can connect to build DIY/Robotics projects
  • Play with various sensors, light, sound, motors & and build awesome stuff
  • Build 101 cool projects by watching YouTube tutorials
  • No soldering or programming is required. Easy to plug & start building
  • Most preferred Educational Kit for young innovators




LeapReader Pen


LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System




  • LeapReader helps your child learn to read and write with confidence by teaching reading comprehension, vocabulary and listening skills
  • Features a LeapReader, activity sampler, Learning Paper writing sheet plus download 1 Audio Book Bundle, 1 Music Album and 1 Trivia Challenge pack
  • Works with LeapReader and Tag book (A library of 150+ books, games and more)
  • Teaches reading, comprehension, phonics skills, vocabulary, writing and letter forms
  • Ages 4-8 years





WowWee Roboraptor X – Robot Dinosaur Toy with Remote Control


Wow Wee Roboraptor X Dinosaur Robot





Bring Roboraptor X robot to life with the included remote control,‚ or with the RoboRemote IR Dongle for your mobile device.

Download the easy-to-use Roboraptor X App on your iPhone, iPad, or Android smart device to decide where this white and gray robot dinosaur will roam and what will be its next meal!‚ 

The age of dinosaurs has truly returned‚ with Roboraptor’s advanced sound, infrared vision, and touch sensors, plus artificial intelligence, biomorphic motions, and autonomous roaming mode.


  • 32″long, white and gray robot dinosaur with-fluid bi-pedal walking plus realistic body movements
  • Wild personality with three distinct moods: Hunter, Cautious and Playful
  • Autonomous roaming mode, Visual sonic guard mode, and two Remote Control options






COLORTREE Smart Dog Electronic Pet Educational Children’s Toy Dancing Robot Electric Dog



COLORTREE Smart Dog - Children's Toy Dancing Robot Electric Dog




When you say “follow me“, it will enter the follower mode. Please keep your hands or feet within 20cm of your chest, so that it will take a walk with you.

If you are too far away from it, it will get lost and no longer walk with you.



  • Multipurpose smart dog-Amazing gift for kids and he will be a great friend of your kids
  • With Unique sounds: Different sounds show different emotions.Enjoying the great happiness of playing with the dog.
  • 15 voice control commands – when you press down on youdi’s head while he is playing he will start listening to your voice commands. He will understand what you say. You can ask youdi to sing, dance, and follow you on a walk and so on
  • Quick sensing and responsive. More intelligent and more attractive to children.
  • Promotes auditory development – i will promote and improve your voice recognition capabilities. I will sing songs to promote you little baby to learn more.





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