Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality: Which is the future? April, 2019







Best method for describing these two:

(3/4th Part) Virtual + (1/4th Part) Real == Virtual Reality

(1/4th Part) Virtual + (3/4th Part) Real == Augmented Reality


Virtual Reality – “What is made-up beyond reality that astounds us is“

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Augmented Reality –  “What is made-up to collaborate with virtual environment is“

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It’s better to comprehend it as a holder illustration.

On the off chance that the holder is virtual in which some real article has been placed, it’s virtual reality.

In the event that the holder is real and some virtual object is put inside it, the thing is the Augmented Reality.


In Simple words,

Augmented Reality is something that is not happening in this present reality but rather you are co-operating with it and encountering with it in this present reality, since it is intended to be a piece of true.

Virtual Reality is totally virtual. It is near reality, however collaboration, encounter, the way you handle it, everything is in a virtual world that can be seen through headsets, and connected with through controller or look focused with your eyes.

Two of them are truly energizing. Worth the experience!

To close we can state that clients encountering Augmented Reality are in contact with this present world while experiencing a connection with the PC produced objects made around them though clients encountering Virtual Reality are totally cut off from this present world and are profoundly revealed into the virtual world that is made around them.

Despite the fact that the objective of both Technology is immersing the client, however, both frameworks do this in various ways there are contrasts among them.


                              Augmentation Reality 

Characteristic: Mix (Both Virtual and Reality)

Environment: Real(Physical)

Mostly Used: Demonstrations,Construction sites,interior outlining,Mapping and so on

Connections: Move turn, scale and control the 3D objects in real world

Devices: Microsoft HoloLens, Meta 2, Google Glass, CastAR, Impression Pi

Platforms: Windows Holographic, SmartEyeglass, Magic Leap

Movie Example: Terminator


                          Virtual Reality

Characteristic : Virtual

Environment: Virtual

Mostly Used: Video Games

Connections: Move turn and scale 3D Objects in Virtual world

Devices: Oculus Rift CV1, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Daydream View, Google Cardboard

Platforms: Oculus Rift,  SteamVR, OpenVR, Daydream, WebVR

Movie Example: Matrix



AR Vs VR: The Experience?


Like voice-controlled technology, everyday AR has a lot of popular culture motivation yet nobody will get on load up until it works each time and looks cool. Of the two, AR is the one that we should use out of the house, out in the open, before other individuals later on.

With respect to VR, the experience coordinates up to our desires marginally more. The equipment isn’t totally, completely perfect – we wouldn’t state any to higher resolution displays on the devices, more ergonomic controllers for the HTC Vive and eye following as standard. Be that as it may, these will come.

While AR will, in the long run, be conveniently tucked into the sides of your games sunnies, however, VR is continual must encase your eyes and ears with focal points, showcases and earphones to work.

AR glasses will bring about decorum issues as they “vanish” though VR will run the other route with us plainly ‘connecting to’ to a virtual world for a session. With going through cameras there could even be some sort of half and half wearable that offers both.

All in all, AR specs are lighter and more agreeable than VR headsets and they will probably be wireless.The huge advantage of AR in the industry is putting forth a heads up show that keeps hands free and helpful data in the specialist’s eyeliner – to Astronauts, architects and space travelers, development and assembly line laborers and carrier client benefit staff.





AR Vs VR: Which is the Future?

They’re both new advancements, front line actually, both presently include dorky equipment and are the subject of interest to the world’s most persuasive individuals in technology.

Yet, the coming of AR or VR could lead us down altogether different ways in amusement, gaming, correspondence and industry. So which will turn out Strong? The Augmented reality which overlays virtual 3D illustrations onto our perspective of this present reality or virtual reality which inundates us in 360-degree perspectives of new universes with practically no tangible contribution from the room your body is really in.

This is truly the subject of whether people need what they involvement later on to be situated in well, reality, or developed, manufactured and cut off from what we now allude to as reality. That is an unavoidable issue.

I might think VR has a slight detriment since Augmented reality demos, for example, HoloLens’ Halo 5 demo permit a gathering of clients to remain around “3D images” at the same time.

Be that as it may, steps are now being taken to make VR more social – Facebook is wagering enthusiastic about it and we are starting to see genuine interest in stages which permit virtual home bases.

Neither of these advances is as uninvolved or as social in a physical area feeling of the word as for say, hanging out half-sitting in front of the TV. What’s more, this could be a major variable. To play an amusement or experience on Oculus/HTC Vive, you need to confer yourself completely. Furthermore, VR is exciting and sufficiently engaging that gamers will do this, also understudies, say, getting their heads around life structures.

Maybe the distinction will be VR as an at-home treat, as comfort gaming for to a greater degree a social, ordinary ordeal that doesn’t remove you from cell phone cautions, strolling down the road or playing with your children. Both have their places later on (or now) and have distinctive capacities.

VR gadgets, at this moment, are confining fringe view and I trust the appropriation procedure for this line of wearable gadgets can take somewhat longer than we seek after.

AR has huge amounts of conceivable outcomes in the venture scope and for purchasers. I can see more programming and gadgets pursuing this way.

Augmented reality doesn’t replace your general surroundings, just adds data or setting to it.

They’re not the same, and Augmented Reality is harder to actualize than virtual reality.

Virtual reality totally replaces your general surroundings with a virtual one. This makes it perfect for diversions and films. It likewise makes it much less demanding to actualize, since one simply needs a head-mounted show of adequately high caliber.

Tragically expanded the truth is significantly harder to actualize, which is outlined by the condition of VR headsets (Oculus Rift/HTC Vive) with respect to the condition of HoloLens (very restricted field-of-view).

I trust at this moment, Augmented Reality is way ahead in front of the virtual reality. We are seeing the ascent of AR equipment gadgets from Google as Glass, furthermore, arranges from Microsoft to dispatch something comparative for wearable registering resources.

On the matter of VR, the innovation is recently venturing up to the plate. It’s still far from being this extraordinary thing for social experiences in a virtual world, however with the ascent of the Oculus Rift, I just feel it is arriving.

I unquestionably accept both AR and VR will succeed; be that as it may, AR may have more business achievement, however, on the grounds that it doesn’t totally remove individuals from this present reality.

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