Ways AI Helps to Boost Customer Experience (with 7 Real-Life Examples)

Ways AI Helps to Boost Customer Experience


Artificial Intelligence is not something alien to us. From Google Home to Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri, we have been interacting with the AI technology in numerous ways. We are relying on these AI-based devices and software to perform tasks like creating a shopping list, making a call, checking the weather forecast, etc.

But do you ever realize how the technology is being employed on the business front? How is AI useful for enhancing customer experience? If not, this article is a good read for you.

Here, we will look into how AI-based chatbots, virtual assistants and other software can streamline your customer experience. Before we begin, let’s have a look at how different brands are using AI to provide better customer experience:

7 Companies Employing AI for Offering Impressive Customer Experience


  1. Spotify: The popular music streaming app, Spotify uses AI to provide personalized music playlists. The technology, in this case, checks on user activities, stores customer data, analyzes the information gained and delivers a personalized ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist based upon user’s musical taste and mood.


  1. KFC: KFC, in partnership with the search engine Baidu, employs AI-based software to predict orders. With the help of Facial recognition technology, the software gathers relevant data related to use like its gender, facial expressions and body language. Also, it checks the previous orders made by the same user to infer his/her next order. In other words, the software uses the customers’ expressions and previous activities to serve him/her with impressive menu recommendations.


  1. MetLife: MetLife introduced AI to deliver more informed conversations with customers and this way, speed up the health insurance claim process. The AI analyzes multiple calls while sending messages to associates in real-time. Supervisors can remain updated with the context of the conversation and get involved in providing a better experience, whenever required.


  1. Domino’s: Domino’s Pizza added a bot on Facebook to amplify the pizza ordering experience. The AI-based bot answers the commonly asked questions, like “What deal can I get on my pizza today ?” Also, it let the customers place an order by typing the word ‘Pizza’ or send a pizza emoji.


  1. TicketMaster: TicketMaster uses the AI technology to circumvent the ticket fraud, and enhance the ticket buying experience. The AI scrutinizes the customers buy tickets and ensures that the ticket buyers are humans – no bot or machine is involved in the process. And this way, it confirms that most of the human users get the ticket, with only fewer ticket is left with third-party sites.


  1. China Merchant Bank: China Merchant, one of the reputed credit card companies in China, also turn towards AI bots to upgrade user experience. The bank embedded their bot on WeChat Messenger via which it handles around 2 million customer conversations daily. This not just helps the customers get the information in real-time, but also cut off the need for hiring more human resources to handle the request volume.


  1. Sephora: Sephora, the beauty brand, also uses chatbots to deliver a seamless customer experience. The AI-enabled bot, through the Visual Artist app or website, identifies the user facial features and recommend cosmetic products as per their looks and skin tone. This way, provides them with the best beauty products, along with the real-time offers.


With these examples, you might have sensed the role of AI in the field of customer experience. So, without making an ado, let’s jump directly into why investing in Artificial Intelligence is the need of the hour:


Use of Artificial Intelligence for Improving Customer Experience


  1. 24 x 7 Customer Support: Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, a brand can cater to the needs of the end users anytime and anywhere. An AI-based chatbot or tool works for the whole day and night, with no demands for a break or refreshment time, implying that continuous support is offered to the end users. And the best part is that the AI-based software can handle endless customer requests without involving humans in the process.


  1. Quick Response: A Chatbot or machine based on Artificial Intelligence can handle multiple conversations in real-time, without compromising on the quality of experience. This helps the brands to respond to a higher number of customer requests and build a better customer relationship. In other words, the brands can manage their customer retention rate with quick response service of AI-based tools.


  1. Personalized Experience: The AI bots and tools keep an eye on the customer interaction with your brand. It analyzes each of their activities and previous buying experience. Based on the information gained from these sources and the communication with the customer, the AI-based machines understand the users’ needs and taste and deliver personalized options.


  1. Seamless Communication: Thanks to AI technology, a brand has a complete record of the conversation with a particular human and can continue from where it ended last time. This makes the customers feel special and enhances their interaction, as well as helps the brands to make a seamless communication.


  1. New Products/Services/Offers Availability: The data gathered by AI also helps you to determine the right time to launch a new AI product/service/offer. This not only enhances the customer experience, but also provides you with a competitive advantage in the market.


As we have seen in this article, Artificial Intelligence is playing a significant role in enhancing the customer experience and improving the ROI for brands in multiple ways. So, in case you too are associated with any brand or planning to start your own startup, consider the integration of AI into your mobile app or in the form of chatbots into your brand. To know further about the same, discuss here.



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